Monday, March 03, 2008

EVENT: Learning liberty ...

OK, I admit I bag the Centre for Independent Studies from time to time. But one excellent initiative they put on is the Liberty & Society conference, a weekend program in which they invite young students and professionals to learn about classical and neo-classical liberalism.

I attended one of these conferences some years back, and I still have the notes. You may not agree with the CIS's take on everything, but this course really gives you something to think about.

More importantly, you get to meet some awesome intellects. I remember meeting these 2 rather funky individuals named Suri Ratnapala and the distinguished political scientist Chandran Kukathas (whose paper on multiculturalism should be required reading for anyone with an interest on the subject). One of these guys apparently got away with being the only dude to teach women's studies at an Australian university. Quite an achievement!

I strongly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to learn more about liberty.

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