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COMMENT: Andrew Bolt's village idiots ...

Andrew Bolt is back from holidays and making up for lost time. Like many on the lunar-Right, Bolt seems to have little time for anyone with a name like Hussein, even if that anyone happens to be the President of the United States. In a recent blog post, Bolt objects to President Obama's assertion that there ever was a time when the United States and the
... Muslim world" had "respect and partnership ... as recently as 20 or 30 years ago.
So friendship with those nasty evil Mozzlems isn't a terribly nice proposition in Bolt's books. And why should it when, at least in Bolt's mind, those nasty people are best represented by such democratically chosen leaders Saddam Hussein, Ayatollah Khomeini, Colonel Gaddafi, a bunch of Lebanese bombers and Usama bin Ladin.

Of course, we all read in the Herald Sun about bin Ladin winning a landslide victory in the last Saudi elections. And anyway, who cares about the 85% of Muslims who don't live in an Arab League state or the one third of the world's Muslim population that live as minorities? Why allow the facts to get in the way of some decent prejudice?

Nuance has always been Bolt's strong point. Little wonder he moderates such sensible and nuanced comments from such balanced individuals as these:

Frank replied to mh
Thu 29 Jan 09 (07:12am)

It’s a bit hard to be friends with an invisible enemey.

The religion/ideology that is Islam has been at odds with the civilised world for more than a thousand years.

It continues today either in the form of wars being faught in Africa and the Middle East or your local town, suburb or capital city where a more subtle form of ideological control is taking place.

Gradually they will either kill us or out number us via massive birth rates. It is happening and people are letting it happen.

Joel Butcher has an interesting take on things.
Joel Butcher replied to Johnny
Thu 29 Jan 09 (10:13am)

Johnny, the biggest threat to Australia, Australians and their way of life is Islam.

The same as Islam is a threat to non Islamic people everywhere ... Given any chance, Muslims will oppress peoples the world over if they resist conversion to Islam.

Some will harass me for speaking the truth, and some others will say that the biggest threat to the Australian way of life is Global Warming and not Islam - yea right ...

Denying this is like denying the Holocaust, but I guess you think that was propaganda too?

You must listen to Taliban radio for your information?

I guess, Joel, it's about as bad as reading one of Mr Murdoch's tacky Taliban tabloids. One wonders whether a comment like this about another religion would be allowed on the Herald Sun blog. Who knows?

And then there's this beauty ...

We have to consider these things from Obama’s perspective, which is very different from ours.

He is the first Arab President, the US has had.
Parlirama of Dural (Reply)
Thu 29 Jan 09 (07:55am)
Does Bolt actually read this stuff before allowing it to be posted? Where's McCain when you need him? "This here is no family man. This boy here is a good family man!"

If this is the kind of nonsense that even the resources of News Limited cannot stop from being moderated and published on its websites, it says alot for the quality of editing at the Herald Sun. Seriously, the last thing they'd want is to look as stupid as FoxNews. At least I hope so.

Still, there was something resembling intelligence injected into the conversation:

One thing that struck me about Obamas’ spin is the repeated use of the false term, “Muslim World”.
A “Muslim World” is the expressed desire of Osama Bin Ladin and every radical muslim terrorist. Obamas’ repeated proclamation of this falsity is a total compromise to those terrorists and can only embolden them. What is Obama saying, he wants to have dialogue with a unified muslim world with a figure head/leader so they can discuss how the world will be organised in the future.
The reality is that there are many secular countries with a muslim majority, there are some countries with a muslim majority that are run democratically but see themselves as “Muslim Countries”, and there are some countries that are run by Islamic scolars under Sharia law.
There is no “Islamic World”, just like there is no Christian, Buddhist or Hindu World.
However radical Islamists want a Muslim world, they are looking for someone to unite all people of islamic faith and many await the ‘13th Imam’ who they say will do just that.
As far as I can see, by his dialogue Obama is giving credence to the terrorists dream and speaking a “muslim world” into being.
mic of sydney (Reply)
Thu 29 Jan 09 (10:14am)

13th Imam? Something resembling intelligence? Perhaps I was being a little ambitious in my expectations.

More soon.

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