Saturday, October 27, 2007

RACISM: Tim Blair's buddies pay tribute to John Ilhan ...

I've received some rather nasty and racist comments about the late John Ilhan, all of which focus on his ethnicity and religion. I've had to reject all of them.

In true Daily Telegraph style, opinion editor Tim Blair has allowed a few on his blog. Such as this ...

A sad day, we have lost the only sensible Muslim in Australia.
Posted by
Bill Calvin on
2007 10 23 at 01:04 AM •
I guess Bill Calvin doesn't rate Mrs Ilhan all that highly. And then there is this ...

Don’t it figure? I guy like this buys the farm at 42, yet oxygen theives such as Keysar Trad continue to thrive. Cruel joke.Posted by Texas Bob on 2007
10 23 at 04:34 AM •
Still, on balance, the comments on Blair's blog have been surprisingly positive.