Sunday, September 30, 2007

Bolts in their heads ...

From time to the time, I'll be profiling some of the fruitcake kiddies that congregate around Melbourne children's writer Andrew Bolt. His blog attracts some interesting characters. They say you can tell alot about someone by looking at their friends. Andrew has some rather wacky friends. Or at least admirers.

In relation to a posting Bolt makes about growing religiosity in the Pakistan criket team, "Dane" writes about the political meaning of beards.

... like the burqa, they are clearly hostile
political displays against non-Muslims.

Yep. If you grow a beard, you clearly want to show political hostility toward anyone who chooses not to belong to a particular religion. Having a hairy chin and cheeks means having excess jihadiness. I guess moderate Muslims can only prove their moderateness by enjoying their electric shaver so much that they buy the company. Or something like that.

Here's someone who really wants to put a jihad on the infidels. I urge anyone who sees this man to immediately call the terrorism hotline.

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