Wednesday, October 15, 2008

COMMENT: Andrew Bolt accuses Jews and Vietnamese of living in ghettos ...

Herald-Sun blogger Andrew Bolt has claimed that ...

... Australia risks becoming not “home” but a host community.
Under a blog post entitled City of ghettoes, Bolt cites a report in the Sydney Morning Herald with an emphasis on three ethno-religious groupings in Sydney ...

They show that up to 40 per cent of Auburn and Lakemba identify as Muslim. There are also large Muslim populations in Greenacre (30.7 per cent), Silverwater (27 per cent), Roselands (22.1 per cent), Arncliffe and Turrella (21.7 per cent), and Bankstown (21.6 per cent). 

Ethnic and religious forces converge in Cabramatta, where more than 40 per cent of the population identify themselves as Buddhist and Vietnamese.
Sydney’s Jewish population is the most concentrated in Rose Bay, Vaucluse and Watsons Bay, where up to 30 per cent identity with the Jewish faith...
Bolt's emphasis is on what he sees as a Muslim "ghetto" in various south-west Sydney suburbs. Yet Vietnamese, Buddhist and Jewish communities aren't excluded from his slur.

Still, Bolt has done his readers a favour by showing that when it comes to discrimination, he prefers not to discriminate.

HUMOUR: Obama smears are Malcolm's fault ...

The New York Times recently exposed a chap who appeared on the delirious FoxNews channel claiming US Presidential candidate Barack Obama was an agent for comprehensive communist revolution in the United States. You can watch a video of the program below ...

Other prominent American Obama smearmongers and their critics are linked here.

But what would the New York Times and the Boston Globe know? According to the Daily Telegraph's seasoned political expert Tim Blair, the real person behind the Obama smears isn't Daniel Pipes and/or Andy Martin. Rather, the smear merchant is none other than Australian pollster Malcolm Mackerras.
It isn’t conservative bloggers who are fixated on Obama’s race ... but certain leftish pundits.

Yep. Mackerras is the culprit. Mackerras has been accusing Obama of lying about his education at a Jakarta madressa, about wearing a sarong, about being exposed to the Koran. Mackerras has been making an issue of Obama's middle name. When you click to watch the video above, imagine it's Malcolm Mackerras.

Surely after such imbecilic commentary appearing on the Daily Tele's official website, editor-in-chief David Penberthy might recommend a secondment for Blair - to Fox News. I'm sure Blair and Bill O'Reilly would be a scream.

Words © 2008 Irfan Yusuf

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