Saturday, September 08, 2007

Far-right fruitcake identified ...

Some readers will have noticed that I have started to allow some of the more racist and offensive comments through my moderator's sieve. In fact, there have been a large number of comments that I have not allowed through. With the help of a number of colleagues, I have managed to locate the source of some of the more offensive comments.

The main perpetrator has been a rather interesting chap whose blog can be found here.

I now reproduce some of the nastier comments. My reason for doing so is that this chap has taken the extraordinary step of publishing an address of mine where I no longer reside and a phone number I no longer use. No doubt, he has done this so that some persons of similar ilk to him might decide to attack or harass those who do reside at this address.

I must warn readers that some of the comments are extremely rude and quite distressing ...

© Irfan Yusuf 2007


If muslims are the new $2 jews I'd like to buy
a few.I want some muslims that can go around committing pack rapes, that can be
suicide bombers and who can bring me their welfare cheques.

I'd like them to be able to breed lots more
muslims so that I can be a lying deranged imam with my own mosque of
brain-washed stupid muslims. I'd like a typical muslim business such as selling
kebabs and drugs. At least one of the muslims must be able to pretend to be a
lawyer. It's okay if all the women are fat and ugly. I do want some muslims that
look like Keysar Trad and his family so that my guard dogs have something to
chase around the yard. I want to be able to do my Taekwondo workout on them
also. I need a $2 muslim as a bullbar for my car. I am going to give it one of
those air horns. So if I am about to have an accident I want it to blow the horn
say once every 5 years or so. If I find the muslim blowing the horn for no
reason I want to be able to get out of my car and kick it a bit and let other
drivers kick it as well.

The muslim bull-bar can make sounds like those
blow-off valves or like a rotary engine if it wants. Plus it make make duff-duff
noises at traffic lights. It can also wear a baseball hat. And shout out or
whistle to any woman it sees. So basically any motorist will be able to go up to
my bull-bar muslim and kick the bejesus out of it. This is a public service
helping to reduce road-rage.

To commemorate the murdered ANZACS I will get
out a 303 and bayonet and do a few every ANZAC day. I would like to donate $20
to Legacy plus also bayonet 10 muslims @ $2

I can't think of any other uses for $2 muslims
but I still want lots of them because it's better that I own them rather than
for muslims to be allowed to wander free and do things like vote and destroy
this country.

(Monday 3 September 07)


The problem with Palestine is that it
doesn't have a scenic black mountain rising out of the ground.

Justice won't come for the Palestinians
until there is a mountain called Mount Palestine covered with the black crows
and black rats gorging themselves on the sub-human muslim

If only Hitler was here. He would know how
to treat the Palestinians. A bit of Zyklon-B makes a very good insecticide ideal
for putting Mozzies in their place.

(31 August 07)


The West has now murdered 250,000 Iraqis and the
muslims like the cowards they are are too pathetic and disorganised to do
anything except bleat like sheep. I laugh when examining the Palestinian issue -
to think that the muslim men of the world are such cowards that they do nothing
to help the Palestinian children. Islam and Hinduism are the only religions
which accept slavery. As slavish as the Hindus are they are braver men than the
muslims. Muslims are fit only to be target practice for the US Army AirForce and
Marines and to be the slaves of the Hindus. What a useless stupid rabble the
muslims are. What panicky cowards and hysterically frightened excuses for men.
The muslims are so pathetic they are the worst and most pathetic in all
creation. Some of them are proud of being muslim which is even funnier. A few
American transexuals on drugs would be able to defeat most muslim armies. Even
more amusing is how much smarter every jew is compared to the average muslim.
You people really are pathetic. And no we are not going to take you seriously -
you are losers and scum.

(28 August 07)


The muslim is the even uglier even more conniving
and an absolutely stupid sub-species of the jew rat.Which is why it is
convenient to exterminate the muslim first. If we push the muslim rat into the
corner it will use it's claws and teeth. It is best to use the jew rat to push
it into a corner. That is why complete support for the state of Israel is
desirable - let the two rats fight each other to death. Our sympathy should
always be for the Palestinian Christians who have to live near both these

(24 August 07)