Thursday, May 24, 2007

A question to Andrew Bolt ...

Some readers will be aware that Melbourne tabloid columnist Andrew Bolt also maintains a blog. One need only visit his blog to discover some extremely vitriolic comments which he moderates and allows airing, especially when such comments involve using the extreme actions of a minority of people to attack an entire group.

Recently, in relation to this entry, I sent Andrew the following note. I'm not sure if he will post it. My previous experience has been that he tends not to post letters that challenge the underlying assumptions of his argument.

Anyway, here goes ...

Andrew, I realise that criticising religion is quite ok in this context. However, as a matter of curiosity, have you ever allowed such fervent criticism on your blogs of non-Islamic faiths? For example, have you ever used the extreme actions of a minority of Israelis to invite readers to post negative and derogatory comments about Jewish theology or Jews in general? Or is this something reserved for Islam?

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