Friday, July 01, 2005

What a load of ...

Recently, I visited a friend and handed her a copy of an essential philosophical treatise on the excrement of male cows. My friend is an internationally acclaimed neuro-scientific researcher who has carried out and published research work in conjunction with scientists in three countries. And she was most impressed with my gift.

Our universities thrive on research. Learning is a process of identifying and objectifying reality. Philosophy attempts to model reality and present it in a simplified format using human language.

A major branch of philosophical inquiry is epistomology. This subject is graced with a title so noble and impressive that I will neglect researching its meaning by reference to a linguistic document. However, I note that the 2nd syllable of its title may contain some clues as to its value. Or perhaps it is a reference to the extraordinary intellect required for political leadership.

Many a time, I have completed a certain daily process and have wondered at the meanings of my bodily releases. Thankfully, like my Asian cousins, I am able to earn enough doing nothing useful to be able to afford somewhere to place myself when the need arises. Perhaps, after buying and reading the said treatise, I will be in a position to understand and appreciate that it's all just a load of bullshit.