Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Poor Mr Danby ...

Poor Michael Danby. It must be so hard having such a large federal electorate. Most Federal MP's I know are snowed under with constituent matters, meetings, functions and so much more. Plus a federal election is coming up and the ALP needs desperately to win lots of seats.

But with all the door-knocking or organising volunteers for election day or attending to constituent matters to do, one wonders where Mr Danby finds the time to write about what he perceives to be anti-American and anti-Israel bias in the Melbourne Age.

According to Mr Danby, Fairfax's Middle East correspondent Ed O'Loughlin has made lots of factual errors. Among these is a claim that Israel's apartheid wall is not an apartheid wall. So what is it, Mr Danby? Did the International Court of Justice get it wrong? Or has it been infiltrated with nasty anti-Semites?

Speaking of the wall and The Age, clearly The Age must have been so biased when they ran an opinion piece of Colin Rubenstein which criticised Peter Costello's brother for an op-ed piece calling for Israel to tear down the apartheid wall.

It isn't everyday that an opinion editor allows you space on its page to directly respond to an op-ed. The normal thing to do is write a letter to the editor. How did Rubenstein manage to get this privilege within 24 hours of Costello's piece being published?

And how does Rubenstein overcome the enormous wall of bias in Fairfax to have so many articles in Fairfax newspapers? Just this year, he has had nine articles in various Fairfax newspapers.

That's one article per month. Meanwhile, he has only had two articles published in News Limited papers. Where is the anti-Israel bias, Mr Danby?

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