Sunday, February 18, 2007

COMMENT: Hate without end …

I must say that I do feel sorry for David Knoll, President of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies. In yesterday’s Sydney Morning Herald, Mr Knoll argued that the words of Professor Raphael Israeli “properly understood” did not make any suggestion that all Muslim migrants are evil.

Yet now, in a letter published on the far-Right JihadWatch website, Dr Israeli goes further and attributes violence not just to Muslim migrants but to all Muslims.

… I blamed the violence of Muslims in the world (and by implication here) for the troubles they are having …

Making matters worse, Dr Israeli attributes such sentiments to all Jews, claiming that their denials are pretence to hide what they really think. In essence, he accuses Australian Jewry and their leaders of being hypocritical and two-faced, giving into “the Muslim thugs” for the sake of

... political correctness which does not allow those things to be said, though privately everyone supports what I said.
Further, Dr Israeli claims that John Howard and Peter Costello have said worse things about Australian Muslims, especially following what Dr Israeli describes as the “Muslim riots” at Cronulla.

Then, as if to rub salt into the wounds, Dr Israeli insults Australia by referring to “the provinciality of the place”.

So not only does Dr Israeli say what David Knoll claims he didn’t say. Dr Israeli is also accusing David Knoll, Colin Rubenstein, Vic Alhadeff and a host of other Jewish leaders of subscribing to the following notions:

* That Muslim migration needs to be capped;

* That Australia should abandon any form of multiculturalism.

* That Muslims are thugs.

* That the Cronulla riots were really riots by Muslims.

* That this kind of teaching of Islam needs to be spread far and wide, especially amongst “the Jewish audiences who need the education for which I was brought here”.

This sort of hatred needs to be exposed. The Jewish communities, through their newspapers and community leaders, have done well to distance themselves from such disgraceful language and sentiments. I am sure David Knoll won’t be defending the sentiments of Dr Israeli for much longer.

Now let’s see if Dr Israeli cops the sort of flack from certain columnists, shock jocks and politicians which Sydney thick-Sheiks cop. Let’s see if questions are asked about Judaism and its ability to conform to Australian values. Let’s see if Jews are held collectively responsible for the words of a man invited to Australia to educate them about another Abrahamic faith.

Let’s see if the Stones and Albrechtsens and Akermans and Bolts and Devines (father and daughter) and Sheehans and McIlveens and Blairs and Bones and Windschuttles and Donnelly’s of this world will show some consistency.

Words © 2007 Irfan Yusuf


Anonymous said...

I think it's fairly clear in the Quran and in the preaching of thousands of Mad Mullahs:

"The people of the Book (the jews and Christians) they are the worst in all creation."

We know what muslims think with their low IQ's and brainwashed minds. We know that Islam is a religion of hate and war invented by crazy meteorite-worshiping slave-traders and pedophiles. Muslims will only have the choice of converting to Christianity for which the sharia punishment is death or not converting to Christianity for which the cruise missle, napalm, clusterbomb, M16 and Stealth Bomber punishments will be death.

Anonymous said...

Another attempt by you to stir up hatred against jews and specifically the knowledgable, informed and reputuable academic Dr Israeli who is held in high esteem.

Your vilification of him is typical of your anti-jew hate and jealousy. Dr Israeli is motivated by a love of truth and honesty. You are interested in bringing down a tall poppy only because you are a personal failure who has gone and sought the comfort of identifying yourself with anti-jew muslims. By seeking comfort in allying yourself with all the jew-bashers and anti-Zionists you will bear the eventual damnation for your life of hatred, spite and jealousy against successful happy jews. Anyone looking at your photo can see that you cannot control your greedy appetite for food which is the mark of a very sad lonely greedy creature. Look at the handsome jews and then compare yourself with their masculine beauty. You are a fat muslim blackhead. Get over it and stop bashing the jews in revenge for what God does to you.

Anonymous said...

Irf may be a smartaleck but he is no Jew-hater. Islamofascism is problem for all of us, especially Muslims. Most Muslims, I trust, also really know that. Tarring all Muslims with same brush, as Dr Israeli seems to be doing, is most unwise and ...

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 8:15 - Exactly which verse and chapter does that appear in? I found this one: "3:113 - Not all of them are alike: Of the People of the Book are a portion that stand (For the right): They rehearse the Signs of Allah all night long, and they prostrate themselves in adoration."

Anonymous said...

"Another attempt by you to stir up hatred against jews..."

On the topic of hate Anon 12:25, what is your opinion then of the post that precedes yours?

Anonymous said...

Ok, I have a question. How and when will the intellectual elite of the world get together and stop this cycle of hate and violence?
If its not war, its verbal battery :)

I have met and interacted with many fine jewish people who have stuck with me as friends and supporters despite knowing my muslim religious orientation. I have a ton of hindu friends who refer to me as brother and I refer to them as brothers. So I conclude that hate is just a state of mind with absolutely no roots in history. How we process and perpetuate our thoughts defines our existence.
Clearly, if our mental faculties were combined as a human race, there will be new hope in the world and we could be setting up a joint committee to make the moon habitable.

Lets all join in prayer for a utopian solution that the God almighty will bestow upon us.

Thank you,