Friday, January 12, 2007

Sheik Hilaly update ...

A media insider called me at 5:30pm yesterday and said this:

Watch the tabloid TV shows after the 6pm news for another big Hilaly scoop.

The insider was right. As one prominent Muslim e-mailed me last night:

I think HT owe Sheik Taj a big bouquet of flowers.

Within 2 hours, I’d received a call from the producer of a TV breakfast program. The conversation went something like this:

SHE: Irfan, I guess you know why I’m calling. What do you make of Hilaly’s latest?

ME: Well funny you should mention that because ... [I then told her pretty much what I have written here]

SHE: That’s fine, Irfan. Unfortunately what we are looking for is someone who agrees with Hilaly. You don’t happen to know anyone, do you?

Later last night, I spoke to one of Hilaly’s die-hard supporters (no prizes for guessing who). He provided me with a few things to chew on …

* The Hilaly interview lasted some 30 minutes and largely concerned the recent furore over his cat-meat remarks.

* The interview, shown on a program called “Cairo Morning”, could be viewed on satellite TV and was seen in Australia .

* One of those interviewing Hilaly was himself a qualified Islamic religious scholar.

* Much of what Hilaly said was light-hearted and in a chatty manner and to an Arabic-speaking audience.

* At least one of Hilaly’s interviewers couldn’t understand what all the furore was about concerning the link between women’s dress and sexual assault.

That all may be true. But how do we explain the claim that a gang of thugs found guilty of rape engaged in consensual sex with their victims? What about statements calling Europeans liars?

The debate on the Muslim Village and Aussie Muslims forums has been heated, with Hilaly copping plenty of flack. Ironically, many of those supporting him (or claiming he is again victim of some conspiracy) are known to be HT activists or supporters.

As for the jibe at our convict heritage, I agree with the PM. All of us (Muslim or otherwise) should wear our convict past with pride.

And to those still wishing to make an uproar, I trust they will also be screaming the next time a columnist, shock jock or politician bags our indigenous cultural heritage.

© Irfan Yusuf 2006


Anonymous said...


Mr Yusuf. Perhaps it would be better if you didn't pretend to 'know' that "many of those supporting him (or claiming he is again victim of some conspiracy) are known to be HT activists or supporters."

Where did you draw such a conclusion from? How does one distinguish who is a HT supporter merely from who they do and do not support? Is it the black and white avatars that set you off, or simply you, taking any opportunity you can to take a jab at HT?

Anonymous said...

Abos are not human beings of the same type as White Europeans.

As former Deputy Prime Minister Tim Fisher said "They had not even invented the wheel". They had a backwards culture, if you could call it a culture at all.

If White Europeans had never arrived in Australia, the abos would still be fighting and murdering each other, eating each others children, raping women, and killing old people they though a burden with rocks to the head.

The abos sound a lot like the muslims of today. Thank God for White Europeans bringing civilisation to Australia.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 2:38. The abo and the muslim have a lot in common. It is has been decisively proved that both abos and muslims have lower IQs than white people and neither group can fit into civilized society without being a source of crime and terrorism.

Anonymous said...

I see we have some visitors from Tim Blair's blog ...

Anonymous said...

Must be scary that Muslims can be white too eh?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Must be scary that Muslims can be white too eh?

The serbs genocided most of the world's white muslim populations ie muslims living in Kosovo. Unless you count Tatars and other such muslim Slavs as white people there are so very few white muslims that they can be considered as a neglible security risk. Fortunately the prominent white muslims like David Hicks are behind bars or will be shortly. All other muslims should be considered a security risk even though they are less brave and complete cowards compared to white people such as David Hicks. Same goes for the white muslim convicted in Victoria.

It is true that there are some white people who betray their white race and marry muslims. The Canadian woman who has counter-kidnapped her children in Lebanon is a good example of what white women can expect from marrying muslims.

If some white race-traitors get caught up in the coming alcoholcaust of the muslims and get genocided then they will go to hell for being race-traitors and for being muslims.

Anonymous said...

I thought The Chaser was in recess. Or is HT auditioning for the next series? He'd be a ratings killer!

Anonymous said...

White Muslims, and other stupid misfits like David Hicks will get what is coming to them.

Anonymous said...

what is a tim blair?

Anonymous said...

It has come out in the media today, that the poster boy for white muslims, David Hicks, abandoned his two children (now 12 and 14) before converting to islam and fighting for Al Quaeda.

Let this bastard rot in his cell, so he can get used to the hell for white muslims.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"White Muslims, and other stupid misfits like David Hicks will get what is coming to them."

In what form and when?

Anonymous said...

I don't know what all the fuss is about. So what if the most prominent muslim scholar in the country is actually a rather stupid little monkey? Was anyone expecting anything better from muslims? If Irfan Yusuf the crash and bash part-time mentally-ill suburban lawyer and his friend law student are representative of the young muslim elite then we can't expect much from older monkeys such as Sheik Hilaly. Stupid and crazy is normal for muslim monkeys.

When all the muslims are deported it will be easier to find a place to park the car. The possibility of running over muslims at pedestrian crossings will be reduced to almost nothing which is a pity.

The good news is that we are likely to see more and more muslims being killed on TV by the US Army, Airforce and Marines. It's a good time to be young and white. Not since the original ANZACS at Gallipoli has the average Australian had a chance to kill muslims in large numbers. Lucky Americans get all the fun. Hoo Ra. Get some.

Anonymous said...

A Tim Blair is like an Irfan Yusuf except smarter, not grotesquely repulsive to women and with a longer life expectancy and better mental health. If you met a Tim Blair the proper thing would be to shake it's hand. If you met an Irfan Yusuf the proper thing would be to put it out of it's misery.

leftvegdrunk said...

Interesting post, Irfan.

Anonymous said...

Why do we have muslims in this country?
Who let them in?
When are they going to be kicked out?

Anonymous said...

Cleric comments

A prominent Australian Muslim cleric has been caught on film urging parents to teach their children that there is nothing more glorious that dying as a holy Islamic warrior.

In a series of DVD recordings, Sheikh Feiz Mohammed, who heads the Global Islamic Youth Centre at Liverpool in Sydney's south west, also denounces non-Muslims as dirty and calls Jews 'pigs'.

News Limited papers report British police uncovered the firebrand Sheikh's 'Death Series' DVDs being sold in Islamic bookshops.

The DVDs are also available over the internet.

The latest controversy comes just days after Australian Mufti Sheikh Al-Hilaly made comments denigrating Australians during an interview for Egyptian television.

When people write on this blog of innovative and comical methods of eradicating Muslims, I sometime wonder if violence is the key. Stories like this confirm that we must spill Muslim blood before ours is spilled.

Anonymous said...

People who say that we should be violent towards Muslims or throw them out of the country are doing exactly what the terrorists want. Part of the aim of terrorists is to sow dissension and fear into society, and to create a situation where Muslims and the West are pitted against each other in jihad.

I believe that we should take every person as we find him or her, regardless of religion. Judge people by actions, not by their faith!

There are certainly some unpleasant Muslim clerics out there who seem to support sexism towards women, anti-Semitism, and to explicitly or implicitly condone terrorism (eg, Hilaly, Feiz, Omran). There are certainly Muslim groups who use terrorism against innocent civilians (Al Qaeda, JI, Hamas, Hezbollah etc). None of these things can be denied.

However, this doesn't mean that all Muslims believe as Hilaly does, or that all Muslims advocate terrorism! From my own experience, I have seen a vastly different panorama of Muslim belief in friends and acquaintances, dependent upon where people come from, what their family tradition is and their personal choice.

If you engage in vilification of decent Muslim people, you are letting the terrorists win, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Unless the Muslims are opposed, they win without opposition.

Anonymous said...

When the muslims have been exterminated we can have the debate about whether there was every any such thing as a decent muslim.

Anonymous said...

There were none.

WhimAndAPrayer said...

More chicken-shit flames from the same type of bogan idiots who think honouring the Aussie flag means wearing it on your thongs or your beer holder. Eeesh! With One Nation & Australia First as spent fringe forces politically, it is unsurprising that their tiny band of disgruntled followers should invade sensible, intelligent, articulate blogs like this.

Sure, everyone needs some excuse to get up in the morning. But if hate-blogging is the only reason these white supremacist fanatics have, they don't even do that very well. They should do the nation a favour: salute the flag then deepthroat a bullet from the illegal firearm in their closet.

Anonymous said...

It was never the fringes of political thought that opposed Islam. It has always ben the majority of Australians. The Prime Minister of Australia has just abolished any reference to "multiculturalism" in any Federal Ministry, as he has heard the Australian people. Do you think that Howard is a "hater" too, or are you another Howard hater, and a hater of the Australian majority?

Irf said...

Since when has the PM declared multiculturalism to be about Islamic theology?

Anonymous said...

The PM did no such thing. Multiculturalism has been abolished. Congratulations and well done.

Go and have a mass debate about theology with your Sheik.