Wednesday, February 11, 2009

COMMENT: Danny Nalliah catches fire ...

Well, it seems even Peter Costello cannot stomach the nonsense that emerges from the alegedly prophetic mouth of Pastor Danny Nalliah. It seems that on this occasion Nalliah has just gone too far.

It wasn't bad enough for Nalliah to call on his flock to pray to God that Hindu and masonic temples (not to mention mosques) be torn down. It wasn't enough for Nalliah to meet with the moronically anti-Semitic League of Rights. It wsn't enough for Nalliah to argue that domestic violence shouldn't be grounds for a Christian divorce.

None of this was enough for Costello to condemn Nalliah. None of this was enough for Costello to stop sending Australia Day messages to Nalliah's cult.

While other clergy at the heart of the tragedy were expressing more restrained and heart-felt emotion, Peter Costello's favourite pastor was lecturing Victorian bushfire victims about how the flams represented divine punishment for supporting abortion.
CTFM leader, Pastor Danny Nalliah said ... he was not surprised by the bush fires due to a dream he had last October relating to consequences of the abortion laws passed in Victoria.

He said these bushfires have come as a result of the incendiary abortion laws which decimate life in the womb.

Gee, how very sensitive of you, Pastor Nalliah. But as if the contents of CTFM's press release were not bad enough. Nalliah went further in this interview with the Sydney Morning Herald:
Asked by the Herald if he did not believe most Australians would regard his remarks as being in appallingly bad taste, he said today: "I must tell people what they need to hear, not what they want to hear."

He said it was no use "molly-coddling" Australians.

Asked if he believed in a God who would take vengeance by killing so many people indiscriminately - even those who opposed abortion, Mr Nalliah referred to 2 Chronicles 7:14 to vouch for his assertion that God could withdraw his protection from a nation.

"The Bible is very clear," he said. "If you walk out of God's protection and turn your back on Him, you are an open target for the devil to destroy."

In the New King James version of the Bible, 2 Chronicles 7:14 states that: "If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land."

Still, don't be surprised if, come Easter or Christmas or next year's Australia Day, Costello again sends Nalliah a special videotaped message.

UPDATE I: I spoke to someone at the Herald Sun. I was curious if they would run anything on the latest Nalliah stupidity. The Herald Sun chap told me that they are too busy running sensible stuff about the fires. Fair enough? Then again, even Andrew Bolt refused to use his blog to spread "fire jihad" conspiracy theories.

Words © 2009 Irfan Yusuf

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Anonymous said...

Are bushfires divine punishment? Muslims believe in divine punishment so why shouldn't Danny? You are a standout example of divine punishment. Every year you attack Christians and every year you get fatter and crazier and sadder and lonelier and more pathetic.

Danny Nile said...

Anon/Doug Darby, spare us of you smack-induced rants.

Anonymous said...

God on you mate, keep up the good work. I'm sure that there were a few members of his own parish killed in the bushfires, oddly the thought actually pleases me.

It's a real shame that most of these so called Christians don't spare us all the trouble and go and meet their beloved maker sooner rather than later. Are they afraid...

Life is hard enough without some fuck-stick telling you that his 'invisible' friend is the answer to everything, an oh by the way - why don't you send us a few dollars so we can keep up the good work - purlease!!!

God save us from your followers. And for anyone who may have a copy of the bible handy, Deuteronomy 23 is well worth a read!

Anonymous said...

I agree, put em to the sword, they're using up resources!

And they use the internet too, yeah God 'created' that didn't he?

Warren said...

Irfan, for as long as I have enjoyed reading your blog(s) (a couple of years off and on), your posts have unfortunately attracted comments from insecure shit-heads. After having read your interesting comments, it really spoils things to read the comments section and be reminded that many people in Australia (Seems to be Aussie-style 'conservatives') still think that stupidity is a virtue. Why don't you moderate the comments, or even turn off the comments feature on your blog altogether?

Anonymous said...

So Warren, you're against free speech?

Sounds like you might be an 'Aussie style conservative' or perhaps just a good ol' fashioned 'insecure shithead'?

I happen to think posts 3 and 4 are considerably more sensible than posts 1 and 2 (especially the suspiciously named Danny Nile - who clearly does smack of stupidity as exemplified by his ham-fisted 'use' of grammar).

I suppose secular society in general views religion with suspicion (as it makes little sense), but is GENERALLY fairly tolerant... Up to a point.

Danny Nalliah however has clearly crossed a line with his remarks and I applaud irf's efforts to ridicule this particular loony. He not only makes religion look bad, but he is an embarrassment to Homo-Sapiens as well.

I'm possibly paraphrasing here but: 'Against stupidity even the gods themselves contend in vain'.

Warren said...

"So Warren, you're against free speech?"

Oh please! I say this because there appears to be a concerted effort coming from some quarters to sabotage the comments section with particularly nasty and off-topic personal attacks against Irfan. Free speech should be done in good faith. This particular thread is not the best example I admit. Call it free speech, I call it verbal terrorism. Are we clear now?

However, I guess there is one consolation, these people are given free rein to make fools of themselves.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough Warren, it was a trifle difficult to ascertain from your first post who (or what) you were referring to.

I'm clear now!

"Let 'em dig their own graves" would seem to apply here. Personal attacks are not useful in any form of debate, and it greatly saddens me to see them still proliferate in our own parliament.

I apologise that my post was slightly rude.


Warren said...

Thanks Bill. No worries mate!