Friday, November 17, 2006

Victorian Libs get sucked in by Danny's fire

Last month, I reported Tamil-Australian Assemblies of God Pastor and former Family First Senate Candidate Danny Nalliah telling an audience in the NSW Parliament that the Christian Right needed to take control of Australian politics.

Now The Oz reports that Nalliah is trying to start his political crusade by doing a secret anti-abortion deal with the Victorian Liberals. The story's headline describes Nalliah's ministry as “fanatics” and “a powerful Christian fundamentalist group ... advocat[ing] the destruction of mosques, casinos and bottle shops”.

Nalliah’s speech (as well as mine and questions) was recorded by one of his disciples here and initially distributed by an allied extremist group from Victoria calling itself Salt Shakers. The entire forum can be downloaded here.

A visit to the Salt Shakers website shows the group complaining about Victoria hosting a major multi-faith event in 2009 and claiming HIV is a gay disease. The organisation’s slogan is “Christian ethics in action”.

Nalliah’s organisation, Catch The Fire Ministries, already contains a Press Release in which Nalliah describes himself as a “Polemical Christian Leader. He refers to the need to “protect our Judeo-Christian Heritage in Victoria and wider Australia ”, and acknowledges that the Coalition and even Family First aren’t exactly God’s children.

“I am not stating that the Liberals, Nationals, Family First and CDP are perfect in practice, but we have to cast our vote to the party which is able to give us the best possible outcome to protect our Freedoms, Rights, and Christian Moral Values in our rapidly deteriorating pluralistic society where right is considered wrong and wrong is labeled right.”

Nalliah is no friend of pluralism of any kind. Nor is he a friend of any political force he deems to belong to the left. “Truly, the right of politics - Liberals, Nationals, Family First and CDP - are more willing to hear the Christian voice than the left -Labor, Greens, Democrats.”

Download and listen to the entire recording of the Fellowship of the Round Table Forum where Danny and I spoke. Witness Nalliah’s refusal to unconditionally condemn all acts of suicide terrorism and other violence perpetrated against civilians by the Tamil Tigers.

If Libs want to do deals by catching Nalliah's fire, they're bound to get their hands burnt.

© Irfan Yusuf 2006


Anonymous said...

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We can add the tamil tigers to the list of undesirables to be deported from Australia.

Anonymous said...

"advocating the destruction of mosques, casinos and bottle shops"

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Straight after Stateline. It can be called Shiiteline. Or maybe the Real Turner Diaries.

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Anonymous said...

This is bloody hilarious.

I haven't laughed so much at Planet Irf in several weeks.

Anonymous said...

The Australian Federal Police needs to start recruiting Tamil Tigers and paying them in guns to send back in SriLanka. They would be excellent at keeping our muslim population explosion in check.

I reckon it would be great if they also massacred the Pakistani cricket team or any other Pakistani found here in Australia. With the exception of Irfan. Irfan should be spared along with his mum.

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Anonymous said...

I dare you to name two Australians personally known to you who expressly wanted you to come to this country.

I dare you to name two Australians who want you to stay.

Anonymous said...

I am so sick of my state taxes being used to pay the wages of lazy far-Right Christian staffers of David Clarke MLC and other Coalition MP's so that they can sit all day sending nasty and offensive anonymous remarks on this blog. Don't they realise their computer ID's are being logged? Can't they tell why Irf keeps a site meter at the bottom of the screen?

Anonymous said...

I've just listened to the entire debate which Irfan referred to from the mp3 file. I found that Danny Nasryullah and Irfan both made a lot of sense. I think that Irfan is being disingenuous and misleading in his earlier post about the key points that Nasrullah was making - his points (after extended discussion in favour of multiple nationalities in Australia and immigration) were the need to ensure that we continue to favour mult-ethnicity in Australia but do not convert this into multiple cultures as in ghettos and people wanting to be above the law.

This is in fact consistent with much of what Irfan Yusuf himself has been saying, and with Irfan's criticism of the Lakemba loonies - one of whose leaders has been calling for Lakemba to be a separate state (obviously ludicruous, listen to the last few minutes of the audio, and this was rightly decried by Irfan).

My point however to Irfan is this. You tend to oversimoplify the issue, mate. Danny Nasrullah and his team are not blind fascistic loonies. They have strongly held views as do you and we accept your opinion with your spin ecven where it is not necessarily wholly supportable. Nevertheless we can coexist, and progress this country.

I reiterate however, Irfan, your agenda-running causes you to have a little tendency to shrillness. I suggest that you seek a slightly calmer presentation. If nothing else it will cause others to be even more receptive to your views, and less likely to have their hackles rise.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I suggest that you seek a slightly calmer presentation.

Stop sounding like a hysterical cow with a speech impediment. The permanent outrage you pretend to muster really is quite boring. I couldn't help but laugh at how pathetic you are. The good news is that soon you will kill yourself with food and we can all look back and remember you as that crazy fat black muslim who couldn't get it up with a woman.

Augustus said...

David Clarke doesn't have any Christian Staffers. he is only allowed one staff member and that staff memeber is an avowed atheist who masquerades as a hillsonger.

Anonymous said...

Alex Hawke is very sexc.

He is my buddy.

Anonymous said...

Who said Alex Hawke was an atheist? This is about as believable as Alex Hawke being a practicing homosexual.