Saturday, November 25, 2006

HALAL MEAT!!!!!!!!!!

Now that I have your attention, I must tell you about a superb show that is on this Saturday night (as in tonight).

Two world-class North American comics are performing in Sydney at the Capitol Theatre in Campbell Street (near Central Station). Their show is called Allah Made Me Funny.

The show has already toured in New Zealand, Melbourne and Brisbane. The comedy kicks off at around 7pm. Tickets are still available online at Ticketek or Ticket Master.

For more details, you can read this review from New Matilda or you can check out the website.

© Irfan Yusuf 2006


Anonymous said...

I read the title of this article 'Halal Meat'. I thought you were going to cut your own throat, stagger around for two minutes in great pain and panic, desperate to breath you would be suffocating on your own blood and then finally after 2 minutes fall down dead.
Is there something funny about Halal meat? The only attention Halal meat deserves is as yet another powerful reason for all muslims to be deported to a country where they don't have animals to torture.

Anonymous said...

The Associated Press
Published: November 26, 2006

KARACHI, Pakistan: Thousands of activists of a religious coalition rallied Sunday in the southern Pakistan city of Karachi to condemn the government over amendments in the country's controversial Islamic rape laws.
Pakistan's Parliament recently approved a bill to change the 1979 Hudood Ordinance, a law based on Islamic principles that requires rape victims to produce four witnesses to the crime. But the move has angered many conservative Muslims.
"We will not let Pakistan become secular," the supporters of a coalition of Islamic groups chanted.
The change in the law was prompted by human rights activists, who demanded the ordinance be repealed, saying it failed to help victims of rape get justice and made prosecution of attackers difficult.
The Parliament, dominated by Musharraf supporters, also passed legislation that would drop the death penalty for sex outside of marriage, an act still punishable with five years in prison or a fine of 10,000 rupees (US$165; €129).
Under the new changes, judges would still have the authority to choose whether a rape case should be tried in a criminal court — where the four-witness rule would not apply — or under the old Islamic laws...."

Paki rapists and islamists should be deported from Australia. Why don't you accept that Islam is a religion with rape as one of it's central tenets? Thousands of years of rape in which rapists spread their genes have evolved a modern muslim genetically predisposed to be a rapist. Some cultures have bred short people. Some cultures have bred tall people. Muslims societies have bred dangerous rapists.

wali said...

Anon @ 7:38pm, clearly:

1. You have no idea what you're talking about;

2. You are a moron who will say anything - no matter how stupid, how much of a lie - to generate in others the same deranged, Nazified hate that consumes you;

3. Perhaps you would be more opposed to the truly cruel Western treatment of animals, but I doubt it because you are nothing more than a morally bankrupt political opportunist who only votes for Howard because Hanson isn't available.

Anonymous said...

How many Australians fought for the Nazis?

How many Australians have repeatedly attacked Israel?

How many Australians have hijacked planes?

How many Australians are suicide bombers?

The most hating, violent and dangerous fanatics are the muslims and they must be genocided to make the world safe for Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Rasta, Zoroastrians, Athiests, Agnostics, animists, satanists, Scientologists, Mormons, pagans, Irfanites and Bahai. Islam is violent and cruel.

Anonymous said...

Congrats anon @ 7:38, despite the rantings of this wally apologist for the terrors of halal butchery, you have identified another vital reason why islam has no place in our country.

Let these lunatics call you all the names they like, but we and they both know that the public exposure of the truth of halal butchery will be another reason to turn public opinion against muslims, and lead to their expulsion from our country.

The way muslims treat cattle is not that different to the way muslims treat women, ripping out their vocal cords, so half the population is against them for a start.

The last section of the Australian community to be made aware of the dangers of islam is the men and children.

When Australian men learn of the paedophile grooming and rape activities of muslim men in the UK, the muslims will be lucky to get out of Australia alive.

wali said...

Anonymous said...
"When Australian men learn of the paedophile grooming and rape activities of muslim men in the UK, the muslims will be lucky to get out of Australia alive."

If you want to talk about paedophilia, stick to the clergy of the churches. Wasn't Hitler a paedophile? No, that's not right - he was gay. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Muslims can keep on cutting the throats of cattle like the vicious barbarians they are. Or they can change to being humane. It is in their interests because the day will come when they will be treated like cattle. Smell the sizzle when you are thumped on the forehead with a nice red hot branding-iron that says MUSLIM

wali said...

Anonymous said...
"Muslims can keep on cutting the throats of cattle like the vicious barbarians they are."

One assumes that if you believe cutting the throats of animals for food is barbaric you therefore also believe Western civilization throughout all of its history has also been (and is) barbaric. One can infer from this that you are not a member of Western, or any other, civilization. Explains a lot really.

Anonymous said...

What a wally!

wali said...

Anonymous said...
"What a wally!"

One further assumes you are not intelligent enough to give an intelligent response.

Anonymous said...

Who the bloody hell are you Muslim?

How much resistance do you expect us to show towards your wicked, evil and vicious faith?

It will be your blood spilled before ours.

Anonymous said...

Every kebab should contain a muslims testicles.

wali said...

Anonymous said...
"It will be your blood spilled before ours."

Dear oh deary me. Still waiting for you to say something that rises above the neanderthal. C'mon. You can do it.

Anonymous said...

Go on, defy the Prophet, and embrace the white man. You can do it.

Sunshine said...

anonymous said

"The most hating, violent and dangerous fanatics are the muslims and they must be genocided."

Yeah, I can see why you have credibility when talking about non-violence. Don't speak for me as a non-Muslim. You're embarassing.