Saturday, August 15, 2009

POLITICS: Gay marriage in America ...

In Australia, our own PM Kevin Rudd has signalled his opposition to recognition of same sex marriage. In the United States, the matter is the subject of hot debate. A number of states have already legislated to recognise such marriages. And in the state of Maryland, supporters of the cause have found an interesting ally.

I'm proud that I'll have stood on the right side of history: In support of full marital rights for same-sex couples.

My stance on this issue isn't politically expedient. I am the first Muslim in the legislature. Homosexuality is strictly forbidden in Islam. As such I have evinced much grief from my most conservative supporters.

But I recognize that I represent people of all faiths and no faith at all. If I tried to enforce religion by law — as in a theocracy — I would be doing a disservice to both constituents and to my religion.

See, this is what happens when these Mozzlems take over. They slowly, ever-so-quietly, try to impose sharia law on us all while we're not watching. You just can't trust them.

OK, now that we got that out of our system, here's a few facts about Saqib Ali:

* He went to high school in Saudi Arabia where homosexuality is punishable by law.

* He is the first Muslim delegate to be elected to the Legislature in the State of Maryland.

* His stance has surprised conservatives among his supporters.

Click here for more on this story. Compare Mr Ali's stance to that of a New Zealand Labour MP on civil unions.

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Peter said...

Meanwhile, back in the Caliphate, the biggest question on gay issues is whether you have to kill gays by stoning them to death with individual stones, or can you just bulldoze a wall on top of them.

Inquiring minds need to know...

Anonymous said...

Is caliphateland in the jewish quarter of old jerusalem?

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the old testament says about gay people.

Anonymous said...

Then again, Peter, I wonder what your Sydney Anglican Archbishop says about homosexuals.

Phil said...

Irfan, i take it that you believe that a person's values(wherever they come from) should not influence his or her voting as a member of parliament?