Monday, March 23, 2009

MEDIA/CRIKEY: More hate from Andrew Bolt's fan club ...

There's a fair degree of scepticism among some circles about President Obama's latest video message to the Iranian people to coincide with Nowruz, the Persian new year. Among the sceptics is Andrew Bolt.

But many readers will be sceptical of Bolt's ability to decide what is or isn't sensible discourse fit for publication on the Herald Sun website. One wonders what Herald Sun advertisers would think if they realised their precious dollars were going toward the publication of the following sentiments:
The Dean of Doonside (Reply) Sun 22 Mar 09 (09:52am)
"In the Islamic world, they look at negotiations as surrender."

Barry of Round replied to the Dean Sun 22 Mar 09 (10:52am)
"Insightful. Best bomb them in that case."

Larry replied to the Dean Sun 22 Mar 09 (01:10pm):
"Barry of Round, bombing them, back to the stone age where their politico-religious philosophy belongs, would indeed be the only thing they understand. Islam has no such thing as a peace treaty, just hudna, to be entered into when weaker than the opposition, and only lasting long enough for them to gather the strength to have another go. You don’t negotiate with that, you shoot it."
So the best way to deal with the Muslim customers of Herald Sun advertisers is a combination of shooting them and bombing them and their neighbourhoods back into the Stone Age. I'd love to see Andrew Bolt justify this kind of stuff when he appears on Q&A this Thursday night.

First published in the Crikey daily mail for Monday 23 March 2009.

UPDATE I: I have been informed that the moderators of Mr Bolt's blog have reluctantly removed these comments.

Words © 2009 Irfan Yusuf

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Anonymous said...

Struggling a bit Irfan?

The Islamic world *does* look at negotiations as surrender. Waddle over to your bookshelf and grab your copy of the Hamas charter for a read. It states:

"There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through Jihad. Initiatives, proposals and international conferences are all a waste of time and vain endeavors."

That someone has called your religion on this, doesn't make it 'hate speech'. Simply the truth.

It's too bad you spend so much time going after Bolt and Tim Blair, that you've not bothered to notice how rotten your own religion has become.

I note you haven't said a *word* about Sheik Hilaly's latest fraudulent and illegal antics. You're surely aware of them, as a daily reader of Bolt and Blair's website. Much better you carry on about the Jewish community and Bolta instead, eh? They are less likely to kill you.

If you really want to be famous though, why don't you become one of the handful of outspoken Muslim dissidents? You may get a better book deal. Sure you'll need to spend a bit on personal security, but what price fame, eh Irfan? Your mate Loewenstein will tell you how lying about death threats can help boost sales of an otherwise terrible book. Imagine what you could do with *real* fatwas!

Otherwise, shouting "look over there" in the hope people might not scrutinise your religion, doesn't mean people won't see what Islam currently represents.

Irf said...

Let's see. You can judge this "Islamic world" inside your head using the HAMAS charter and Sheik Hilaly.

I guess using that reasoning, one could judge the "Catholic world" (as if such a place exists) using pedophile priests.

And why not use a recently jailed former Federal Court judge and nasty IDF t-shirts to judge the "Jewish world" (as if such a thing exists)?

Which other groups do you hate? Pacific Islanders? Lebanese? Sudanese? If you hate a group enough, you'll find ways and means to cast aspersions on them.

Personally I prefer not to think in such ridiculously simplistic terms. We humans aren't one-dimensional creatures.

Anonymous said...

The Koran also details how to deal with non-believers, and it ain't "negotiation". Is that non-specific enough? Or are you going to argue that you can't judge all Muslims by the holy book that they all revere...

As for Hilali, excuse it any way you want Irfan. The fact remains, you've been heaping shit on some journalists, and obscure little Jewish disputes, but have not said a word about the most prominent leader of the Muslim community in Australia.

You are certainly picking your targets...

As for your update, that the Bolt moderators "reluctantly removed the comments" - on what do you base this? Did they replace it with a comment saying it was "reluctantly" removed? Or are you simply making something else up.

Irf said...

Anon, do share your wisdom with us. Where have I defended Hilaly's indefensible remarks. Show me one place.

Irf said...

And while you're at it, take off your cyber-burqah and reveal your identity.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Where have I defended Hilaly's indefensible remarks. Show me one place.

For a guy who writes so much, you aren't very good at reading, are you Irfan?

I pointed out, that you have not said a word about Hilaly's latest outrageous acts. Instead, you are ignoring this headline issue, and concentrating on far more trivial matters, many of which you appear to be inventing (e.g. "reluctant moderation"). Your silence about Hilali speaks volumes.

You can continue criticizing me, but all you are doing is continuing to demonstrate Muslim inability to criticize Islamic criminality.

take off your cyber-burqah and reveal your identity.

Congratulations. You are the first Muslim I've come across, trying to remove someone's burqa, rather than slapping one on them.

I choose to remain anonymous because others have noted your penchant for aggressively stalking people with whom you disagree. Not interested in playing those games with you.

Of course I also don't post under a fake name, either, unlike some people...

Irf said...

Stalking. Now there's an interesting allegation. Stalking someone by publishing an address of their's which they have already published on hundreds of occasions.

No doubt if I was stalking, the stalkee would have reported me to the police. Especially since I am one of those nasty violent Muslim-types who defends (if not possesses) "Muslim criminality".

What next? Will you be lecturing us with your theory of "Jewish dishonesty"?

Anonymous said...

"Congratulations. You are the first Muslim I've come across, trying to remove someone's burqa, rather than slapping one on them."

You only come across Moslems on blogs? You need to get out more often. Lack of Vitamin D must be screwing up your brain.