Monday, February 16, 2009

HATEWATCH: Some more non-racial comments left on Bolt's Herald-Sun blog ...

Once again, the good folk at the Herald-Sun website have little trouble in moderating some completely non-racial comments so that they appear on Mr Bolt's blog. Read and enjoy.

Words © 2009 Irfan Yusuf

‘Arab’ bikies?!? I can’t believe we even let Arabs into our country. Look at what they get up to. Our own Aussie bikies are so much nicer.
Matt (Reply)
Mon 16 Feb 09 (11:18am)

Thank God he was a moderate muslim otherwise he would have blown her up.
Aussie Boy of Oz (Reply)
Mon 16 Feb 09 (11:38am)

It has no place here, and any decent Australian government would issue a single warning before acting appropriately - cut it out, or go home cold in a canvas bag.
perturbed of NSW (Reply)
Mon 16 Feb 09 (12:24pm)

Islam allows muslims to kill other muslims that aren’t following the true path. Hence Sunnis can kill Shias and vice versa. All good muslims know that!
And Muzzammi Hassan beheaded his wife because she dishonored him by asking for a divorce!
Of course, honour killings are also allowed in Islam.
Simple really!
The Religion of Peace and Sharia Law; coming soon to a town near you. Enjoy!
geoff from the west (Reply)
Mon 16 Feb 09 (01:30pm)

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Gibbo said...

So you don't like citicism of men who behead their wives in the name of a religion. Interesting!

Anonymous said...

Which men are you suggesting behead their wives, Gibbo?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Gibbo is referring to Wayne Walker (nice Christian name - though that has nothing to do with it, of course):

"A MAN who stuffed his partner's body in a freezer after beheading her with a kangaroo knife was relieved she had not 'jumped around like a chook', an inquest was told." -- AAP, August 27, 2008.,23599,24249775-1702,00.html

Irf said...

Point taken. But please, anon, let's not cast aspersions on religions or cultures or ethnicities.

Anonymous said...

"let's not cast aspersions on religions or cultures or ethnicities."

Agreed. I just find it so annoying that people - and worse, the media - automatically associate Arab or Persian names with religious representation (e.g. "Mr Asad - a Muslim - was found guilty of X") as if one had anything to do with the other. I was just reflecting on this as I was reading the Daily Terrorgraph the other day: if this rag mentioned the nominal religious affiliation of every [alleged] criminal it reported on, that newspaper would be the most anti-Christian-sounding thing produced since ... well, anything.