Friday, February 27, 2009

BLOGS: Some more Blair vilification ...

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Tim Blair continues to poke fun at domestic violence victims, making light of the tragic murder of Aasiya Hassan. And true to form, Blair cannot avoid vilification of entire racial and ethno-religious groups. He can't help but suggest that people of Pakistani and/or Muslim origin be ...
... drag[ed] out of the Stone Age.
It seems that the Daily Telegraph hasn't heard of State and Commonwealth legislation outlawing racial vilification. That's certainly obvious from some of the comments Blair has allowed on his blog ...
Does it ever occur to Muslim Neanderthals that the countries with the highest standards of living, health etc. are those where women have in practice and in law equal rights and opportunities? ...
ann j of Sydney (Reply)
Fri 27 Feb 09 (07:31am)

Back to sensitivity school for you Tim.

Muslims are not of the Stone Age - they are fully paid up representatives of the 7th century.
HRT (Reply)
Fri 27 Feb 09 (07:49am)
Imagine if Blair had written stuff about Chinese leaving the Stone Age? Or of Jewish Neanderthals? He'd be sacked. And rightly so. But in the tabloid world of the Daily Telegraph, some groups aren't protected from vilification.

UPDATE I: Certain comments on Blair's bog are moderated, as this chap discovered ...

Domestic violence is not solely in the domain of one religion or group of people. My father (a virtuous atheist) treated me appallingly.

It would be easy to point at various aspects of his work and cry hypocrite .. he was an Education professor .. but it wasn’t his work that was bad.

I take exception to religious authorities that approve domestic violence, or excuse it. Tragically, there are some that are still in the stone age. [Edited to remove identifying description.]

David Ball of Carramar/Sydney (Reply)
Fri 27 Feb 09 (09:43am)
So you shouldn't identify individuals, but feel free to defame entire groups.

Daily Telegraph logo post-Tim Blair


Anonymous said...

Islam is not a race. It is a religion. A belief system just like Voodoo or Scientology (only with fewer celebrities and lots more bombing and beheading). Someone can convert to Islam, or leave Islam if they choose. The same cannot be said of race.

The courts have acknowledged that Islam is not a race and racial vilification laws are irrelevant. Did you get your law degree in a KFC bucket Irfan?

If it is ever to improve, the Muslim world needs more criticism and self-reflection, not censorship and stifling of these discussions.

Of course it's easier to slag off Infidels like Blair, eh Irfan? Here's hoping he throws you a link or two. Why should those Pure Poison idiots get all the attention?

Dev said...

Aah, the KFC "joke". Looks like Daniel Lewis is stalking you again, Irf. Poor chap doesn't seem to have much of a life. You should read some of the shite he leaves on the Jewish News blog.

Don't be surprised if Danny's next comment on Blair's naziblog is some bullsh*t about how Moslems have won less Nobel prizes than Jews.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Landeryou started the KFC thing, actually.

Don't be surprised if Danny's next comment on Blair's naziblog is some bullsh*t about how Moslems have won less Nobel prizes than Jews.

It's bullshit? Err... hate to break it to you, but predominantly illiterate backward Moslems have won hardly any Nobel prizes, despite their billions (20% of the world's population), yet the Jews, with a relatively tiny population (less than 0.19% of the World's Population), have won a large stack of them. Was that the point you were trying to make?

An amusing comparison of the groups here.

Personally, I love how of the mere nine Nobel prizes ever given to Moslems, one was given to a terrorist (Yasser Arafat). A nice representative of the whole Moslem world, I thought.

Another Nobel winner, Nagib Mahfouz was literally stabbed in the back by other Moslems. How's that for celebrating intellectual achievement in the Moslem world?

Dev said...

One thing I find strange about Daniel Lewis is that he is so overly-sensitive when anyone even mildly criticises something reotely linked to Israel. Yet he happily attacks and vilifies even aspects of Islamic religion and/or Muslim cultures that are also practised by Jews.

Danny seems too stupid to understand that he is really attacking his own kind.

Comparing Nobel Prize figures is hardly the way to go. How many prizes have Buddhists or Hindus won? Is Danny gonna say Buddists and Hindus are worth less than Jews?

I can't name a Buddhist nation that shows as much brutality to its neighbours as the world's only Jewish state. I can use Danny's logic and say Jews are more violent than Buddhists.

I don't think Nepal or India have scabbed as much money off American taxpayers as the world's only Jewish state. Should I say Hindus are less selfish and more capable of supporting themselves than Jews?

Anonymous said...

Salaam irfan. I cannot read your blog anymore because of these trolls. It depresses me. But I like your posts. Think your writing is the best.