Friday, January 23, 2009

HATEWATCH: Yet more great moments from Tim Blair's News Ltd blog ...

Those charming people that surround the Opinion Editor of the Daily Telegraph continue to trot out lunar-Right and genocidal madness. Here are some highlights.
I’ve had enough of the ABC’s pro terrorist bias. Everytime they run something pro Islamic nut case from now on I am going to donate $10.00 to the Israeli Defence Force in the hope that they spend the cash on something horrible to post to Gaza. I realise I will be broke in about a month but I figure with the GFC who cares.
Andrew of Melbourne
Thu 22 Jan 09 (10:13pm)
Something horrible to post to Gaza? How many dead bodies does Andrew wish to generate? Meanwhile, it's great to see jupes has been successfully dupred by what he describes as Blair's Law ...
jupes replied to Rod Blaine
Thu 22 Jan 09 (01:55pm)
This rally was absolute proof of Blair’s Law. Commies, Nazis, Muslims and Greens all rallying against the Jews.
And let no one accuse Tim's buddies of sectarian bigotry, or indeed the Daily Telegraph of failing to abide by its own publication guidelines:
What do Australia and Australians matter when it comes to establishing the Great Global Caliphate? Having successfully destroyed their own countries and arrived in this one, in many cases under false pretenses, most of those demonstrating - and their sycophantic, self-loathing supporters of local origin - consider both flower beds and infidels grist for the mill of the Islamic cause ...
ann j of Sydney (Reply)
Thu 22 Jan 09 (07:51am)
Yep, the best way to fight stereotyping of Jews is to stereotype others. And I wonder what the in-house lawyers at Nationwide News would make of this clear breach of the Racial Discrimination Act ...
I love seeing suburban middle-class white women wandering around in keffiyehs as a sign of their solidarity with one of the most misogynistic, homophobic, human rights-disregarding cultures on Earth.

The utterly clueless misplacement of sentiment sums up the Greens mindset succinctly.
Ross (Reply)
Thu 22 Jan 09 (08:39am)
This is racism pure an simple. Despite having employed not one but two persons to carry out moderating of comments, the Tele has allowed racist remarks about Australians of Palestinian origin and heritage to be moderated and posted in its blog. Indeed, a few paragraphs below this racist comment appearing, the moderator kn own as "Tran" deleted a comment and stated:
Bill, you’re doing it again. You want to use this place as a personal forum. It isn’t. Start your own site - Tran
And how about this moderated beauty ...
It’s time Australia had a serious look at Islamic immigration. We need time out to stake stock of the value this demographic brings to out society ... Even Blind Freddy can see where their loyalties lie. Australia needs loyal citizens, not terrorist supporting bigots.
jupes of west coast (Reply)
Thu 22 Jan 09 (11:56am)
More to follow.

Words © 2008 Irfan Yusuf

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Augustus said...

Irfan, you really don't put much stock in the intelligence of your readers and (cough) supporters do you?

You can't really believe that anybody fails to see through your blatant and deliberate habit of taking a vast majority of comments made by your detractors out of context.

Irfan, when someone calls you a "son of a bitch" they are not really making a staement about your mother. Context is pretty important.

But hey, you've never been one to let the truth get in the way of a good lunatic rant.

Seriously, why don't you just give up. The only people who frequent your blog are either past political aquaintances and Tim and his readers. Both just come here for a laugh.

They are not laughing with you.

Anonymous said...

Methinks, Augustus, that your plea for Irf to "just give up" indicates that his posts are making you rather upset ...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Nice Klu Klux Klan photo. Are those some of Irfan's rightwing friends from the Young Liberals? All of them put together aren't fat enough to be Irfan so I presume Irfan was taking the picture.

A single woman said...

I think Mr Anonymous is so annoyed at Irfan's quite blatant display of creativity and intelligence, that the only thing left to do is to Character Assassinate. Go see a shrink dude, you have serious issues. (signed, a single woman)

Anonymous said...

Single woman? Why don't you offer to have sex with Irfan? He can borrow the money from his mum.

Anon's Dad said...

Irf, you can borrow money from my brother's introduction agency. He makes lotsa money selling the services of my son to Triad gangsters in Burwood. Or I'll see if I can ask Fred Nile for a loan ...

Augustus said...

Everything about Irf makes me upset. In fact, I question the morals and intelligence of anybody who is not in some way offended by Irfan.