Friday, January 16, 2009

HATEWATCH: More great moments from Tim Blair's blog ...

A certain scholarly person calling him/her/itself wronwright of VRWC left this breathtakingly brilliant remark at Tim Blair's blog on Friday 16 Jan 09 at 06:19am ...
If the Palestinians had an ounce of common sense and vision, they’d work hard on gaining the trust of all non-Muslims (e.g., Jews, Christians, Hindus, atheists) ... But no, the Palestinians suffer from the same affliction that affects most other Muslims. They have their collective heads up their asses.
He's right. Islamic fanatics like Hanan Ashrawi and Victor Batarseh are responsible for the Palestinians' plight. How can you expect a people who are 100% Muslim to get anywhere?

It really is great to see such brilliant minds congregating at Mr Blair's blog.

UPDATE I: The Daily Tele's resident cyber-Nazis seem to be enjoying the limelight if this post on Dim Tim's blog is anything to go by. And as always, Dim Tim can't seem to get his mind off my figure.

UPDATE II: Tim Blair has a friend on YouTube! Check out the sophisticated nuanced analysis from this prominent commentator:

This chap provides ...

Some missives from commentary of Tim Blair
Commentary. From Dim Tim. Pfft ...

UPDATE III: Amazing. Did you know that North Korea has now become an Islamist state ruled by peculiarly North Asian form of sharia? According to AnnJ of Sydney at 10:32am:
I’m guessing that Irfan also supports the stifling of dissent and would prefer to live in an Australia that is more like, say, North Korea under sharia law. But then again, he might only be very young.
Well, I haven't reached 40 yet. I may be young. But AnnJ, like most of the quacks that hang out at Dim Tim's blog, are just plain stupid. What will these poor innocents come up with next? You gotta wonder about Griffin of Melbourne who follows up AnnJ's Korean sharia theory up with these comments at 1:39 on Sunday 18 Jan 09:
The people who hang out here are very smart and funny, the information they provide is relevant and easily verifiable. I learn more and more each time I visit this blog, and watching the discussions here ...
I wonder where Griffin will find verification of North Korea's sudden transformation!

Words © 2009 Irfan Yusuf

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Anonymous said...

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And allah will help the muslims. HA HA HA HA

Drugless said...
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Daniel Lewis said...
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tim blair said...


You've misunderstood AnnJ's comment. She wasn't claiming that North Korea is under Sharia law; rather, she wrote that you'd prefer living in a place that combined both North Korea's totalitarianism AND Sharia law.

This would be similar to a comment referring to a particular car as being "as slow as a four-cylinder Rolls Royce". Not that Rolls makes such a car, but that the combination of a Roller's weight and a small engine would make this hypothetical vehicle slow.

Hope this helps.

Augustus said...


Why waste your time? Irf has never let the truth nor context get in the way of a good defamation.

He often mis-represents people, myself included and will cling to any tenuous source for his bile and bigotry.

Shame on you Irf, shame.

Anonymous said...

Tim, stop trying to make your nazi friends look sensible. AnnJ clearly said North Korea was a sharia state. And if the Tele knew what was good for it, you would be sacked. They got into enough trouble over the comments left about judges who appeared to testify in the case of the NSW Deputy DPP. Now with your nazi fruitloops saying racist things about Palestinians and Arabs, the DT looks like it might be facing racial vilification proceedings.