Thursday, January 15, 2009

HATEWATCH: Great moments from Tim Blair's News Ltd blog ...

They say you can judge a man by the company he keeps. And anyone with an ounce of decency wouldn't want to be in the company of Tim Blair and his blog cronies, even if it only be on cyberspace.

To save readers from the pain of visiting the blog of the Opinion Editor of the Daily Telegraph, I thought I would post some of the best moments in Blair's "moderation". From time to time, I'll share some classic comments from Blair's moronic cheersquad so that readers can see just how little the powers-that-be at the Tele care about their paper's exposure to legal risk.

Here are some classics from today:

ann j replied to kae
Thu 15 Jan 09 (04:18pm)
Ah, for the good old days. The Middle Ages, for example, when torture was torture and the victim had a choice of the rack, wheel and thumbscrew, boiling, the bastinado and iron maiden, the wire jacket, being drawn and quartered…

And a classic from regular Blair web-buddy RebeccaH from yesterday ...
Honor killings have happened in the USA as well as Canada. The spread of Islam (and Middle Eastern “culture") is driving the world back into the Dark Ages.
RebeccaH of the New Dystopia
Thu 15 Jan 09 (05:45am)

I guess Rebecca isn't too fond of that Palestinian Jewish chap from Bethlehem ... what was his name again? ... Jesus?

And here are some beauties from Tuesday in a post devoted to the brave Australian soldier who died in Afghanistan:

Alan of Sydney replied to Daniel Lewis
Tue 13 Jan 09 (02:31pm)
... The jury is still out as to how beneficial Muslim immigration will be - especially in these PC times where it’s OK to hate Jews but not permitted to hate Muslims.

The Muslim contribution will have to be counted in more than birth-rate I’m afraid.


jupes replied to Daniel Lewis
Tue 13 Jan 09 (02:47pm)
... The Jewish people of Australia have an outstanding record in law, medicine, the arts, business and government, not to mention producing perhaps the greatest ever Australian, Sir John Monash, the outstanding allied general of WW1.

The Muslim people of Australia have an outstanding record in terrorist convictions, marching in support of terrorist organisations, raping women based on race, and general anti social behaviour.

The contrast couldn’t be more stunning.


Daniel Lewis replied to Daniel Lewis
Tue 13 Jan 09 (03:09pm)
I don’t really want this thread to turn away from Greg Sher, whose memory deserves to blessed.

However, if you want to compare Jewish intellectual output with Islamic output, it’s a pretty short game.

There are a mere 12 Million Jews in the entire world yet they have received 184 Nobel Prizes.

The Muslims number 1.4 Billion (with a very big “B")… or 117 times the number of Jews! Based upon this 117:1 Muslim-to-Jewish ratio, one might expect the Muslims to have 24,920 Nobel Laureates.

But they have NINE!. [One was stabbed in the back by Islamists for his achievement], and one of them [Arafat] was a murderer

Comparing Jews to Muslims is a waste of time. I was focusing specifically on immigration to Sydney, for which you can probably use any other ethnic immigrant group as an comparison.


Ever notice that when the Taliban or the Palestinians or most any other Muslim terrorist group commit an act of violence, it’s usually shooting a rocket? And when the Aussies fight, it’s usually up close, man to man?

Okay, I’ll grant there’s an exception when it comes to punishing unarmed women for baring an ankle or allowing themselves to be raped. Muslim men are all upfront and personal when it comes to putting women in their place.
Winfield of Ohio (Reply)
Tue 13 Jan 09 (09:36pm)
More to come.

Words © 2009 Irfan Yusuf

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Devshirme said...

Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. If the Quraish had come to Abu Talib to ask that Tim Blair should be stopped from defaming religion, should he have done so?

(To illustrate your story, here's a better picture.)

Hosni said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Irf, this is Tim Blair regular commenter Dave S. I am heartily sorry for anything I may have said that may have offended you or your fans. That was in no way my intention. So I'm going to kindly ask you guys to please not saw my head off on video and sell the DVD. Thanks a bunch.

D Clarke said...

Hosni/DanLewis, the word "kuffars" makes no sense in Arabic. What are "kuffars"?

Naturally the best way to measure an ethno-religious community is by how many Nobel prizes they win. I have a better one. How many UN resolutions has Israel beached? Or here's another one: How many countries have voted in favour of Israel's breaches of international law? Let's soo - there's the Federated States of Micronesia, there's ... um ... what were those pacific islands again?

Anonymous said...

Devshirme, have you got a photo of Jabotinsky's zionist militia training in Italy during the 2nd world war? And have you read that Hannah Arendt book Eichmann in Jerusalem?

Daniel Lewis said...

Irf, how did you manage to get a photo of Blair at that march? Or has that dude at the front won a TB-look-alike comp?

Devshirme said...

Hello Anonymous.

Assuming you're talking about Ze'ev Jabotinsky, I would think that since he died in 1940 in New York, a few months before the Tripartite Pact, it wasn't his militia any more. Nevertheless, I'm sure you have a point in mind and I'm interested to hear it. Care to expand?

No, I haven't read Arendt's book, although I've seen documentaries on the subject. What particular aspect do you want to draw my attention to?

Augustus said...


These comments that you post from Tim's blog, are they supposed to sway the middle ground or simply pander to your own peanut gallery?

Seriously, there is little of an offensive nature in any of those posts - to the average Australian that is. Your self-medicated, mentally challenged band of midgets are easily offended by whatever you tell them to, so what's the point? Really?

Even your closest friends have abandoned you due to your liberal attitude to the truth and your concocted viewpoint. When is enough enough?

Anonymous said...

Augustus, enough will be enough when you go out and get some friends. Preferably ones you don't have to pay for.