Sunday, November 09, 2008

COMMENT: Apologies for the rudeness of this post ...

Dear readers,

I've just about reached the end of writing a certain book I've been working on. The last few thousand words require sh*tloads of concentration. The result is that I can't spend as much time blogging and doing commercial f#cking writing for hours in the manner I used to.

Some people will think I'm b*llsh!tting when I say this, but I really have to get cracking and finish this stupid f*cking book! So don't expect much more than the occasional video post. I might also post some old stuff written years ago.

Now p!ss off and let me write!


Anonymous said...

I am glad you have almost finished the book. I really hope the last few thousand words are just one long suicide note.

Having spent your entire pathetic life slandering and defaming people I am overjoyed that at long last your victims will have the opportunity to sue your publishers while celebrating your demise and endless torment in Hell.

Finally the women of Australia will feel safer and more confident in themselves knowing that you are not fantasising about them or attempting to physically approach them.

The downside to your suicide is that you will never be publicly castrated by a government legitimately interested in protecting the Australian gene pool.

Once you are rotting in Hell the healing process can begin and Australians can step forward into a new life of happiness and pride knowing that you will never again disgrace the Australian Rugby jersey by wearing it on your repulsive carcass and not insult the ANZACS and veterans of Australia with your unwanted prescence in this country.

A world without your hate and ugliness is an important step forward for all Australians. It is a chance for all Australians to come together and celebrate that you have ended your sad, pathetic, lonely and destructive existence.

Allelulah Allelulah Praise the Lord! The fat black turd has gone to Hell and isn't coming back.

Dug said...

Jeez, Irf. You must be doin something right if you can engender such psychotic ranting from this former Young Lib ...