Sunday, September 14, 2008

UPDATE: More stuff published elsewhere ...

The kind folk at the New Zealand Herald have run this piece on recent events in Pakistan and on the broader issue of the responsibility of men in eliminating violence against women.

Those nasty Communist Marxist Maoist Leninist Socialist Anarchist Leftists at that left-wing trendy pinko PC institution called the ABC (you can tell they're communists by the people on their board and by the fact that their head-honcho once taught me English at St Andrews Cathedral School) have published two of my crappy articles on their Unleashed portal. One is about how nasty Australian Muslims just can't get enough of mooning at each other. The other is a reflection about what terrorism really is as opposed to what some of our more imbecilic politicians and pundits tell us it is.

And finally, for those of you travelling to an Australian blog for the first time, consider this ...

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