Thursday, May 29, 2008

HATEWATCH: Morons have hijacked the Camden school mass debate ...

Camden resident Kate McCulloch had much to say to the Sydney Morning Herald after Camden Council rejected the Muslim school proposal.

The ones that come here oppress our society, they take our welfare and they don't want to accept our way of life.

Taking a cue from a senior Victorian Liberal Party campaign director McCulloch declared:

I have many English, Irish, Greek and Italian friends. I even have a Turkish friend who opposes this.

Perhaps her Turkish friend is a greedy f*cking Muslim who wants to take Ms McCulloch’s welfare.

This entire Camden school mass-debate has been hijacked by fruitloops like Fred Nile and the Australia-First Party. These people claim to speak for a community they are not a part of.

Shakira Hussein reminded us back in December that Islam isn’t new to Camden . The Sufi Movement of Australia’s website mentions its first founder, one Baron Friedrick Elliot von Frankenberg und Ludwigsdorf and his wife Olive Taylor ...

… settled on a dairy farm called ‘Spring Hills’ at Camden , on the outskirts of Sydney . The couple built a modern house that they furnished with Persian pottery, European embroidery, Hindu and Buddhist sculpture, and an extensive library of mystical and philosophical writings … On his death, at the age of 61, he was buried in the Camden cemetery.
If you click here you can see a photo of the Baron’s final resting place.

One wonders if the Baron or indeed any other Camden Muslims ever spoke in a secret code language called “Islamic”. Certainly this was on the mind of one Camden resident who told Radio National:

My kids can't read Islamic, how are they going to go to that school?
If he’s right, and if the school limits enrolment to students able to fluently converse in “Islamic”, I doubt it will attract students of any faith. The project will be a complete waste of time and money.

Speaking of waste, which imbecile has been advising the thick-sheiks at the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils? AFIC spokesman Ikebal Patel told the Sydney Morning Herald today that the closure of Camden school could push Islamic religious education underground and lead to kids coming under the influence of extremists. Let these dudes build a school or Muslim youth will become suicide bombers. Yep, that’ll remove all the hysteria.

AFIC, of course, really represents young Muslims. Over 50% of Aussie Muslims are under 40, Australian-born and speak English as their first language. Over 50% of Aussie Muslims are female. Yet none of these majority blocs is represented on the AFIC executive. Meanwhile, the organisation continues to squander precious resources on internecine battles in the Supreme Court.

All sides of this debate have been represented by unrepresentative people. When the sensible majority aren’t heard, it means the extremists have already won.

Words © 2008 Irfan Yusuf

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Anonymous said...

One German Baron pretending to be a sufi. And his wife. No other muslims allowed in Camden. Unless they hang themselves from the telegraph poles or feed themselves to some pigs.

Kate McCulloch said...

I have come here to announce that I just PIG-IGNORANT and to tell you of my blog at

Anonymous said...

Hello Irfan,
I remember doing a few posts on the Unleashed site.
Who are the extremists coming to Camden. We've got one extremist at least in Camden, Kate McCulloch, the village idiot, she'd be lucky if shes not run out of town.
But what about the idiots on the other side, an Islamic thinktank director,Kuranda Seyit, said it was a victory for racism. What a moron. A Think Tank, does this bloke think his religion is going to get special treatment in Camden by lodging grossly bad development and wingeing like a stuck pig that it is racism. He is the racist. The residents here will be lodging a complaint with the Anti Discrimination Board about this idiots rant. Anyone who expects their religion to get special treatment won't get in in Camden. Next thing the nazi's would expect special treatment for any development they propose. The Camden Community has a few idiots in it. But they are individuals. The Islamic Community has a few idiots in it. But they are authority figures and elected or nominated for responsible positions.
The Islamics are clearly the biggest idiots in this debate.
We've done some checking on the Quranic Society, we have to know, aside from the shonky developoment, what kind of Muslims they are. I don't see them as fit to run an educational facility. They are on the extremist fringe as you would know and having them threatening to kill Keysar Trad's Imam mate in Sefton, doesn't make them welcome here.
Irfan, how about we do a deal? We'll get that idiot McCulloch and that think tank idiot Seyit and send them both to Anarctica where they can cool off.

Irfan Yusuf said...

And how do you recognise one of those "Islamics"? Is it by their special language "Islamic"? Do your kids read in "Islamic"?