Friday, March 07, 2008

Open letter to Mr Daniel Pipes

Dear Daniel,

A little birdie recently told me you have started a new website called “Islamist Watch”. I’m so glad you have enough time on your hands to start all these wacky websites (such as Campus-Watch) extending your crazy witch hunt of all those less obscenely right wing than yourself.

I was hoping you would add me to your list of “Islamists”. Seriously, having someone like yourself labelling me an “Islamist” or an “extremist” would add so much to my credibility.

What is required to become an Islamist in your books? Having followed your work over the years, it seems to me that the criteria relevant to becoming an Islamist are:

a. Refusal to abandon my faith;
b. Insisting on being treated equally and fairly in accordance with the rights granted to me by the country where I live;
c. Using existing legal and institutional means to seek those rights; and
d. Regarding you and your ilk as a threat to civilisation as we know it.

In relation to criterion d), it is my considered opinion that you are Usama bin Ladin’s greatest asset. Usama wants people like me to believe that my host country and other Western countries actively discriminate against me. UBL wants me to regard my host country as hostile to people deemed to belong to my religion, a religion you love to hate. UBL wants me to believe that the West is involved in a giant conspiracy against me and my faith.

I refuse to believe this. However, when I read your writings, I see you desperately trying to prove UBL’s words true. You actively oppose those seeking a better deal for persons of Islamic faith or Muslim heritage. Yet you express no opposition to those using the same methods to seek a better deal for Jews or other persons of minority faith living in Western countries.

You want Muslims to become second class citizens. For you, even a person’s partial Muslim ancestry (I specifically refer to US Democratic nominee Barak Obama) is enough to render them the target of your attacks.

You also actively engage in spreading distortion and misinformation about anyone deemed Muslim. You continue to peddle the lie that Commissioner Innes of the Human Rights & Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC) has made specific reference to Muslim taxi drivers refusing to service him and his guide dog, despite the fact that the good Commissioner has repeatedly made it clear that he never specified any religion.

In short, you are providing ordinary Muslims with every reason to believe that UBL may actually have a point. You are UBL’s greatest asset. In fact, I’d be prepared to put money on the fact that UBL may actually be secretly donating to your websites.

(I’d rather gamble my money away than give it to extremists like UBL or yourself.)

I’m a Muslim who wants to see Australians of my faith embrace the cultural symbols and institutions of Australia. I want young Muslims to be proud of their nation, to participate in its institutions, its politics, its arts, its cultural and public life.

I want to prove UBL wrong. You, on the other hand, are determined to prove UBL right. You are doing the work of al-Qaida. You are helping al-Qaida by spreading innuendo about Muslims and their institutions in the West.

You and your colleagues promise that you will “meet privately with government officials, editors, producers, academics, and others to explain the real nature of such Islamist organizations”. You will try to convince them that “the Islamists currently dominate the Muslim political scene in every Western society, without exception”.

In other words, you will actively work to convince as many non-Muslims as possible that Muslims are all closet extremists and fifth columnists.

On that basis, it only makes sense that you include me in your list of Islamists in much the same way as I would include you in my list of racists, neo-fascists, extremists, xenophobes and far-Right fruitloops. Heck, even Christopher Hitchens agrees with me.

So please, Mr Pipes. Please include me on your list.

Yours faithfully
I Yusuf

© Irfan Yusuf 2008


Anonymous said...

No Australian individual specifically wanted you to come here. No genuine Australian who has ever met you wants you stay. No-one wants you integrated in Australian society because you are just crazy filth. Just leave.

mah said...

anon, can you name me one Australian who knew of your identity and wanted you here? Naturally we won't know the answer to this until we know your name and identity. Thus far all we know is that you leave anti-Jewish and anti-Moslem messages here ...

Mustafa said...

Irfan, try talking about Islam for a change. Try taking responsibility for the Koran you carry around. The same book Osama is quoting from. Westerners with half a brain will NEVER accept Muslims who front an ideology, history and prophet so steeped in violence and supremacy, and yet plead with the West to ignore all that and accept them anyway. All Muslims rightly carry a sign on their back reading "quoting from the same book as terrorists and I don't care". It's called taking responsibility. It's called accountability. Try it sometime. It's up to you to distance yourself from terrorists and Islamists. You can't do that without ripping up half the Koran.

AbuMustafa said...

hey "mustafa", which half of the koran do you want Irf to tear up?

Is it the half that Islamic extremists like Mohandis "Mahatma" Gandhi used as inspiration to fight against the ideological ancestors of your Dutch friend Geert Wilders? You know, the Dutch who established apartheid in South Africa based on the teachings of the Dutch Reformed Church.

Or do you want Irf to rip up the half of the Koran that incorporates all the same stories and capital punishments contained in the Old Testament?

Mustafette said...

Hey "abu", my dear friend Robert Spencer holds a candle to your heart:

"... while the Bible contains descriptions of violent acts committed in the name of God, nowhere does it teach believers to imitate that violence. Where people are commanded to commit acts of violence, these are commands directed to specific individuals or groups in particular situations; they are not universal commands.

The Qur'an, on the other hand, quite clearly does teach believers to commit acts of violence against unbelievers -- see 2:190-193, 9:5, 9:29, 47:4, etc. There are no equivalents to such open-ended and universal commands, addressed to all believers to fight unbelievers, in the Bible.

... all of the schools that are considered orthodox teach, as part of the obligation of the Muslim community, warfare against and the subjugation of unbelievers ..."

The one-word Muslim debaters chant "equivalence, equivalence" in froth driven frenzy. Equivalence is lazy, irresponsible, reckless, and dangerous. These are the values the candle shows in your heart. These are the values Westerners abhore and will not lower to accomodate Muslim standards.

I repeat: try talking about Islam for a change.

Fr BoyTouch said...

Your catholic-extremist mate Robert Spencer clearly hasn't read his Bible properly. Which version was he referring to? Hasn't he read the Old Testament? Hasn't he heard of the book of Kings?

Or is he too busy rabbiting on about Moslem terrorists so that we all forget about catholic priests who love touching up young boys?

Anonymous said...

Catholics who molest children should be castrated. Your first loyalty is to Rome, not to true Western values. Your Pope was a Nazi. Yet you talk about Western values.

Moslems protected us Jews, while you Catholics murdered us.

Femustafa said...

BoyTouch, Spencer has nailed the Koran quilty with verse and chapter references. Are you going to give us the equivalent Bible verses or are we to presume you're peeing in the wind like all Muslim "debaters".

We're waiting ... where are the equivalent "open-ended and universal commands, addressed to all believers to fight unbelievers" in the Bible? Come on, you're all so good at chanting "equivalence".

You can't, so enjoy a facefull of your own urine.

Anon, I'm an atheist. Kiddy fiddlers deserve all they get. Nobody said the church or the West is perfect, but they're lightyears ahead of Islam.

And still no-one talks about Islam.

Opus Ring said...

You have cited specific koranic verses. What you haven't done, femustapha, is prove that mainstream Muslim jurists interpret and apply these verses to mean it is obligatory on all Muslims to kill non-believers.

You need to prove that these verses create a current obligation on all Muslims regardless of where they live and what their circumstances.

Neither you nor your pedophile opus dei bumchum Robert (or should that be Frank?) Spencer can prove a current obligation.

Spencer thinks that Moslems treat the Koran in the same fuktup manner as the 1 trillion and one christian denominations treat the Bible. Spencer can't prove that across the Moslem world exists a consensus derived from these verses that establishes a rule governing the behaviour of all Moslems.

Perhaps if Spencer spent less time sticking his hands up the backsides of other people's infant sons, he might generate sufficient concentration to complete this task.

Meanwhile, Israeli rabbis and religious party officials like Mordechai Eliyahu are using verses from the Old Testament as evidence that Christians and Moslems should be removed forcibly from the Holy Land or face death.

Anonymous said...

Have you read the book of Deuteronomy? What order does God give His allegedly chosen people when they conquer a city? Read Chapter 20. What does verse 13 order? What about verse 16? Can you find anything of equivalent barbarism in the classical Islamic law of warfare?

What did God's allegedly chosen people do when the walls of Jericho fell?

How did the Dutch Reformed Church justify apartheid? How did the Anglican Church justify slavery? How did the Catholic church justify the Inquisition, the slaughter of indigenous peoples in Latin America etc?

Look at the picture of the statue that Irf has placed in the top right hand corner. Do you know what his religion is? Do you know in what language he wrote all his books on theology and philosophy? Do you know on which side of the Crusades he found himself?

Mr.X said...

"Fight in the cause of Allah those who fight you, but do not transgress limits; for Allah loveth not transgressors"

the keywords here are "those who fight you", I am no expert in grammar but doesn't that refer to self defence? Islam may not be a pacifist-religion but its no extreme religion, " do not transgress limits; for Allah loveth not transgressors"

Next time your going to copy, paste from the Koran please, at least, read the whole chapter, or just the verses that precede the verse in question.