Sunday, March 02, 2008

COMEDY: Awesome energetic comedy

On Friday night I joined some 8,000 Brisbanites to watch Russell Peters and friends at the Convention Centre. At first Peters sounded a little flat. From his voice, it seemed he may have been recovering from the flu. However, it didn't take him long to warm up.

Peters brought too friends with him. One was Ahmed Ahmed, whose website can be found on the right hand side of this blog under the heading "Favourite Comedians". The other was Jo Koy

I wasn't sure of what to expect from Koy. Peters introduced Koy as an the kind of comedian that other comedians would fear performing after. If you're in a stand-up comedy line-up and Koy's before you, good luck.

Was Peters just being nice? Yes, he was. But he was also being honest. Koy had us all in stitches, making jokes about his Filipino family, their English mispronunciation, their obsession with bad R'n'B music, etc.

Koy really is an awesome comic who manages to find humour in all the strangest places. When a comic can make women laugh at the painful process of childbirth, he must be good.

And Jo Koy is awesome.

Words © 2008 Irfan Yusuf

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