Wednesday, January 30, 2008

EVENT: Film launch ...

Come along and support the students and staff of both these fine Sydney schools.

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espn said...

Keep up the good work Yusuf! It looks like your blog has angered a certain deranged Cairns businessman.

Here's what he had to say about you on Soggy Crackermann's blob.

"sheik yer'mami replied to Dave
Thu 24 Jan 08 (07:06pm)

"loony left ?”

That’s not the loony left posting there, that’s ‘Yusuf Rubs It!’- Yusuf Irfan’s Muhammedan echo chamber!

Your chance to get published there is as good as a snowflake in hell!

Don’t be fooled by the Western names of the posters, they are Muhammed worshiping impostors, Yusuf’s fan club.

Yusuf is quite a nasty piece of work, but its not that hard to make him ‘come out’- like sheik yer’mami did here:

We all know that 9/11 was done by the Jooozzz, and 7/7 was done by BLiar, and Madrid was done by the tooth fairy and Moscow by Putin, and Bali by Bush-hitler, and Kashmir and the Philippines by the Buddhists. And Irak and Israel and the Palistanians was all caused by the Jooozzz, and Muslims would never do a thing like that, right Yusuf?

* I have a problem with that, Yusuf. I do. I don’t think you guys have your act together and you should shape up or ship out. I would like to know what you -yes you- your ‘community’ contributes to the the wellbeing of this country. I would like to see a balance sheet:

Profit and Loss, Yusuf- do you understand that?

Because when I think Islam, I don’t get that ‘winning feeling’- Yusuf. Tell me: why is that?

Believe it or not, Yusuf’s answer to the above on his ‘planet Irfan’ blog consisted of a link where he posted a picture of his feces in the toilet, (yes: he is a nasty piece of work, this Yusuf.) A real Muhammedan agit-prop. but with the right fodder you can make him come out of his cave. Just feed him and he will prove it to you!"

Anonymous said...

Stay away from the children. Why are you politicising children? Is that the only audience that respects you? Brainwashing children is a sort of child abuse. You shouldn't be allowed near other peoples children and neither should your grubby anti Australian politics.

bmt said...

Oh cool, according to that deranged thick-sheik, I'm really a Muhammed worshiping impostor and a member of Yusuf’s fan club.

*roll eyes*

espn said...

The thick-sheik claims he has been set up for assassination. According to his site:

"Recently a Cairns businessman saw his business interests, his commercial properties and his residency listed in the Cairns fishwrap as the ‘man behind sheik Yer’mami’- By writing his full name five times and setting him up for assassination by the lunatic fringe of Muhammedan radicals, a reporting ratbag by the name of Gavin King exposed himself as a hateful antisemite"

I think they should up that clown's medication.

dg said...

maybe he's on the same medication as his hero, catholic fascist robert spencer.

espn said...

Shit for brains would be a good description for anyone that takes Spencer seriously.

Apparently the shit for brains behind sheik yermami owns a shop in Cairns Airport. It doesn't say a lot for Keelty and the boys if a lunatic of this dimension can own a shop in such a security sensitive location.