Friday, November 23, 2007

BLOGS: More good taste from Tim Blair and his buddies ...

Each Saturday, the Daily Telegraph devotes an entire page to the slightly amusing rant of its opinion editor, Tim Blair.

Why they hired Tim, I will never know. Perhaps the Tele enjoy drinking the dregs of the Bulletin's beer. Or maybe they enjoy consuming the fish that ACP Publishing rejects?

At the bottom of Blair's column, you will find words inviting Tele readers to join the discussion at his blog. And what interesting discussion it is. Such intelligent conversation. Such sober reflection on the issues. And absolutely free of personal attacks and innuendo. Here's a sample of comments from a recent posting ...

Irfan needs his meds. Is there a nurse on duty here?
Posted by
Ash_ on 2007 11 22 at 10:19 AM • permalink

Irfan is at the least two-faced. Dishonest is a good description of him. He has also shown himself to be a thug.

As I’ve written before, ugly inside and out
and occasionally the veneer slips and we see that ugliness inside.

You’ve done your dash, Irfan.
Posted by
kae on 2007 11 22 at 04:58 PM • permalink

Irfan is a fat Pakistani pancake. It is strange that for a lawyer he always threatens to sue one if they make a criticism about him. I am no lawyer but one thinks his behaviour is comparable to that of a ten year old bully in the playground threatening to punch you if you say something about him.
Posted by
genius on 2007 11 22 at 05:06 PM • permalink

Irfan Yusuf has been fairly accused of
and deception.

I would encourage readers to ... learn
more about Irfan’s true colours. These will give valuable insight into why Tim
wouldn’t give him the time of day (hence why Irfan so resents Tim).

I know he’s reading this, and he knows full-well what he’s done, but Irfan Yusuf is too antisocial and intellectually dishonest do say or do anything about it other than create sockpuppets and lie, all the while encouraging menace against people he’s never met.
Posted by
Dan Lewis on 2007 11 22 at 06:02 PM • permalink

This surely is the level of discussion David Penberthy and Roger Coombs would like to see their newspaper associated with. Or is it? Do they know this stuff is being written and moderated on blogs of a newspaper they edit?

Here's how one of Blair's friends addresses retiring Federal Member for Lindsay Jackie Kelly ...

And what part of shut the fuck up, you stupid fucking bint, apologise and then fuck off from whence you came, doesn’t this sun damaged harridan understand?
Posted by
Infidel Tiger on 2007 11 21 at 09:14 PM • permalink

Charming. Interestingly enough, neither Blair nor his commenters actually disagree with the text of the leaflet. Their only concern is that it was an act of political stupidity. And given their virulent hatred to anything and everything linked to Islam, why would Blair and his cohorts attack the fake brochure's contents? As one commenter puts it ...

Incredibly idiotic, however a fair amount of the content of the leaflet is accurate, and the Liberal party is too limp-dicked to say so. The ALP totally fucked SW Sydney by filling it with tribal primitives from the Levant, and have benefitted with safe seats at great cost to the rest of the country. Grassby et al should have their kidneys ripped out and set on fire.
Posted by
Habib on 2007 11 21 at 09:31 PM • permalink
... and this charming person ...
THe leaflets spot on, but faking election material is a C U Next Tuesday act.
Posted by
Infidel Tiger on 2007 11 21 at 09:33 PM • permalink
... and back to "Habib" for a second go ...
If they had any brains and wanted to turn this idiocy to their advantage, they should publish the leaflet with a “fake but true” disclaimer and wedge Labor over Islam/multiculturalism. Unfortunately they don’t have the ‘nads, ditto over “climate change”; Howard at the NPC played fottsie with the assembled true believer journos when questioned over this issue, rather than saying what he obviously believes- that the whole thing is bollocks, and we aren’t going to waste a razoo on a fantasy- while the rest of the world is pissing money up a rope on unworkable solutions to a non-existant problem, we’re going to keep on digging up coal and pumping oil, and will eventually buy the rest of the planet (or at least the tasty bits, the Sand Goblins can have France).
Posted by
Habib on 2007 11 21 at 11:11 PM • permalink
All of these commenters reflect the same opinion which is clearly also shared by Blair himself i.e. that the contents of the pamphlet were true even if the pamphlet itself was a fake.

Now some of you might be wondering what sorts of people Blair allows on his blog. And what sorts of comments he moderates. At least one of his regulars really is a full-blown white-supremacist ...

The leaflet does contain many elements of truth, particularly when it refers to Keating (and be extension “leaping” Leo Mcleay) overriding advice and arranging for Sheik shit-for-brains to stay in Australia for cheap electoral gain. As an aside, I received this mysterious letter in October, it was unsigned with no sender details.
Posted by
darrinhV2 on 2007 11 21 at 11:18 PM • permalink

DarrinV2 is none other than neo-Nazi Darrin Hodges of the self-styled one-man-band called the Anglo-Australian National Community Council.

But of course, it isn't just Blair's neo-Nazi friends who engage in this kind of pleasant banter. Blair himself is known to use his blog to address the issue, not the man.

Irfan arrived in Australia about 38 years and 120 kilograms ago ...
Here's some free legal advice to Nationwide News. You might have over 100 employees. But you can still sack Blair. Surely his behaviour constitutes sufficient misconduct to enable you to dismiss him without notice. Alternatively, surely his imbecilic commentary reflects on your paper and therefore could be used as an operational basis for dismissing him.

He's a liability. Get rid of him before he costs you hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary legal fees.

Words © 2007 Irfan Yusuf

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Darrin said...

177 comments in ten months hardly constitutes a "regular" Irf, additionaly, I'm not a "white supremacist" nor a "neo nazi". It's ironic, the neo-Nazi's call me a Zionist and the Muslims call me a nazi.

"He's a liability. Get rid of him before he costs you hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary legal fees."

why? are you planning to sue somebody? What a hackneyed old post Irf, really.

banjo said...

Wow, darrin, with nazi friends like you, Blair clearly doesn't need enemies!

Irfan Yusuf said...

No, Darrin, I have no plans to sue Blair for defamation. It's actually an honour being defamed by Blair. It adds to one's credibility when someone with no credibility can do little more than attack you based on your appearance.

Darrin said...

Additionally Irf, I'm not Tim's buddy nor have I ever met or spoken with him. I can comment on his blog because I have not broken any commenting rules, not because he agrees with anything I might say.

Jennifer said...

Speaking as a lefty Irf, Darrin may be a racist dick who used to hang around on nazi forums but he is not a nazi.

Save the smears for the real nazis and supremacists, Islamaphopic idiots can have all the free speech they want [in fact I welcome it, it shows them up for the brain dead morons they really are].

But there are REAL KKK groups out in the bush and the dangerous fools at the Adelaide institute have recently got a boost by visiting Iran for the deniers conference.

Darrin may wrongly equate Islam with nazism, but the fact that he does so in a negative manner as a means to slur Muslims shows that he has no sympathy for the australian dregs of Hitlers dream.

A few more proper and accurate terms for D**khead Darrin would be "bigot", "racist", and "islamaphobe".

Contorting the facts to make a better insult only makes a person as bad as the evil twisted people they oppose.

Best of luck.

banjo said...

jennifer is absolutely spot-on. darrin is a racist dick whose penis used to be located on his forehead. he hangs around nazi forums like tim blair's blog.

jennifer said...

ummm Banjo....

I dont think Tim Blair counts as a nazi.

A NEO con maybe, a NEO nazi no.

Darrin Hodges said...

Thanks for your support Jennifer,errr, I think.

The thing that amuses me most is that the Muslims call me a Nazi and the Nazi's call me a Zionist!

All a bit confusing......

bmt said...

The stupid thing about Tim Blair's blog is his lack of analysis, insight or explanation: he just pilfers articles he's seen online and posts them, accompanied with a pithy, dog-whistle type one or two liners directing his readers to think a certain way (without actually really thinking about it, that is) and hey presto, you've got a smear.

He's really not a thinker.

Well, duh, did I just state the bleeding obvious?!

Irfan Yusuf said...

I think calling Tim a neo-Nazi is way over the top. He may be rude and obnoxious. he might have some ugly sectarian views. But that doesn't mean he believes in genocide or carries it out.

Anonymous said...
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