Saturday, August 04, 2007

Imagine the media response if he was an imam ...


Can anyone imagine the media circus if it had been an imam using such language?

I can imagine John Howard and Kevin Rudd competing to condemn the man.

I can imagine Piers Akerman and his tabloid colleagues taking the high moral (and even "higher" racial) ground.

This dude's lucky he doesn't belong to the wrong religion.


MM said...

Then again, the poor bugger was surrounded by lots of hoons. They were trespassing. They shouldn't have been on there.

Also, the priest was forced to apologise. And he did apologise.

But yeh, there is some double standard at play in the media responses.

LDU said...

Irf, think of the support the reverend would get if these hoons were lebs.

Anonymous said...

mm, the priest only apologised to...well... everyone *except* those kids he was racially abusing. It was a half-arsed apology, if ever there was one.

Irfan Yusuf said...

I gotta admit, I do feel sorry for the poor chap. The way he was being treated by the kids was in poor taste. Surely they should have more respect for a man of the cloth.