Friday, July 06, 2007

PM: We are all at risk from terrorism ...

The Australian reports remarks made by John Howard in a speech at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute at Canberra.

"Bombings through throughout the Islamic world - whether in Indonesia, Afghanistan, Iraq or this week's deadly bombing in Yemen - remind us that all communities that stand for moderation and tolerance are at risk," Mr Howard said.

In other words, Muslim communities are amongst "communities that stand for moderation". Howard takes this as a given. Too bad some of The Oz's op-ed writers and editors don't see it that way.

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The Happy Revolutionary said...

The Australian merely says those things that Howard himself thinks, but isn't stupid enough to commit to paper. Ditto Heffernan and Abbott.

Anonymous said...

Name a muslim community that stands for tolerance and moderation and the right of Israel to exist.

paul said...

Can I name 3 who recognise Israel? Bosnia, Albania, Turkey.

Now, name me a major Jewish organisation in Australia which is prepared to criticise Israeli excesses in Lebanon and the Occupied Territories.

Anonymous said...

JWHJ Jews Who Hate Jews

Israeli-Australians who want to die in a new Holocaust at the hands of the muslims

Self-Hating Jews who love muslim rapists