Friday, May 04, 2007

Senator Bill Hilaly? Or Mufti Tajeddine Heffernan?

I’m so bloody sick and tired of pointing out the inconsistencies and double standards of members of the Howard government and the non-Howard-haters (or should that read Howard-sycophants?) in the media. It’s all beginning to sound like a broken record.

I’m also sick and tired of typing the letters H, I, L, A, L and Y in sequence. But allow me one more time (hopefully the last!).

Bill Heffernan’s infantile and sexist outburst at Julia Gillard shows that, amongst Howard loyalists, Hilalyism is alive and well in the Liberal Party.

The difference between Hilaly and Heffo is that Hilaly (and those whom the PM deems Hilaly leads) cops both barrels of the PM’s rhetorical flourish. Heffo gets a small smack on the wrists. Heffo’s Liberal Party troglodytes who share his views get off scot-free.

Perhaps Hilaly should join the Liberal Party. Then again, they already have enough religious zealots ...

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Legal Eagle said...

Hello Irfan,

Can you move the link to my blog to here? I have defected from Blogger to Wordpress.

Nice post on Heffo/Hilaly parallels. If Heffo had been an imam, he would have been slammed something good and proper.

Anonymous said...

The Liberal Party has already had one crazy self-destructive gossiping rumour-mongering conspiracy-theorising narcissitic sexually inadequate anti-Australian stupid and deranged muslim. Why would it want another like Hilaly? I'm surprised that you never actually asked Hilaly to join the Liberal Party before. Or perhaps you did because that is the crazy sort of thing you used to do. You should submit a new membership application just so that you can get rejected or expelled at some future point by all the Nazis who are your former friends on State Executive. Perhaps your happy days as Australia's only Nazi muslim Liberal can come again.

Anonymous said...

It's not an infantile and sexist outburst at all. It's obvious that you don't understand farmers. If a cow is barren she's off to the markets since she is non-productive, like the professional unionists that want to ruin this country.

Farmer Fred

Anonymous said...

Anon@362/member-of-the-Darby-family, maybe the reason Irf didn't invite Hilaly is because he wasn't extremist, racist, misogynistic and extreme enough for your buddy David Clarke. Or maybe Hilaly refused to work with Opus Dei, the Church of Scientology and the Moonies.

Hilaly is pathetic said...

While I wouldn't defend Heffernan's remarks, at least he makes a positive input to this country here and there eg. the water debate. Name one contructiving thing that Hilaly has done for this country. Give me one constructive comment that he's ever made. There isn't anything positive to say about him at all.

Which is really the crux of the matter. Heffernan might be a bore at times who speaks out of place for someone in his office, but at least he is capable of being part of civilised society. Hilaly is incapable of being a member of a modern progressive society, and it is an embarrasment that he was ever given citizenship.