Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Taxpayers' funds used to spread the gospel of hatred

Anyone still wondering at the Howard government’s support for shock jock Alan Jones should consider this.

According to a report in Sian Powell’s Strewth column in The Australian dated 26 October 2006, the Howard government admitted it paid

a cool $12,023 to fund a visit to Australia by king of invective and darling of the US neo-Cons Mark Steyn.

You read it correctly. Over $12K to invite one of the world’s leading Muslim-phobes. And Steyn did not disappoint his audience. In Sydney, he reminded everyone of the culture and security threat posed by Muslim migrants, their children and grandchildren. Recently, he has been writing on the joys of genocide and ethnic cleansing, lamenting that when it comes to dealing with European Muslims …

There are no Hitlers to hand.

In Mark Steyn's world, even Adolf Hitler has his uses.

To think that our tax dollars are being used to pay for a racist like Steyn to spread his gospel of hatred.

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Mark Richardson said...

Irfan, I'd like to see longer quotes in context before accepting what you've written about Steyn's views.

There are some anti-European Americans who think that Muslims won't come to dominate Europe because the Europeans will revert to an innate fascism.

This in not an anti-Muslim view but an anti-European view. It's possible that your Steyn quotes were made in relation to these kind of views.

Steyn does not, in any text I've read to date, preach violence. He is, in fact, sometimes criticised on the right for being too defeatist in terms of Islam coming to dominate Europe.

It would be interesting to know if Steyn really does hold the kind of views you attribute to him, but at this stage I'm sceptical.

Irfan Yusuf said...

So let me get this right. Are you denying Steyn expresses views that are hostile to Muslims living as minorities in Europe and the broader West?