Thursday, January 18, 2007

Tim Blair's friends promote love and tenderness ...

If you thought Sheik Feiz Mohamed's rants inspired love and affection, have a look at moderated comments the Daily Telegraph's Opinion Editor allows onto his blog.

I've allowed some real idiotic anonymous fools to comment on here. But then, I'm not employed as a senior editor of a major newspaper.

Further, in order to comment on Mr Blair's blog, one is required to register. That process must involve provision of at least some details. At least an e-mail address. The IP address of the computer used by the commenting person must also be available to Mr Blair and his blog administrator.

In other words, chances are that Blair knows exactly who is saying what on his blog.

" ... Often I’d gaze across the street from the coffee shop and think about throwing a brick through the window"
Posted by aussiemagpie on 2007 01 17 at 09:56 AM

" ... This is why their women should be considered nothing more than breeders of weapons and their children as weapons.

There is no “innocent civilian” in the islamist world. All us infidel are considered legitimate targets by them and all their men, women and children are weapons to use against us.

They are, and have been, waging a genocidal war against us, and we’re imprisoning our own Soldiers for being rude or impolite to their murder/death cultists."

Posted by Grimmy on 2007 01 17 at 06:42 PM

"I’d like to take these guys round the back of their context and “educate” them."
Posted by Wimpy Canadian on 2007 01 17 at 07:54 PM

"Actually, mareeS, apart from oil, the only useful thing Arabs have given us are thoroughbred horses.

Legend has it, that the reason Arabian horses are so fast is because they’ve seen what happens to the goats."

Posted by Infidel Tiger on 2007 01 17 at 09:17 PM

"... there are only two types of Muslim: inpatient and outpatient."
Posted by Dminor on 2007 01 17 at 11:17 PM


Anonymous said...

Or, you could have a look at Muslim Village and find that the sole response is "oh noes, the media is picking on us again!"

There's even a post suggesting that a member of the Muslim commuity leaked the info on the "sheikh" - and CONDEMNING them!

Yep, the DT's blog comments are aggressive, but why the hell not? A guy so respected that everyone calls him sheikh tells parents to teach their children to kill!

Anonymous said...

The comments from Tim Blair's blog show the extent of the massive public groundswell against the muslims that is occuring despite decades of propaganda and social conditioning supporting multicult multiculturalism.

Muslims know that we have every reason to want them out of this country. Muslims have long wondered if they will keep on getting away with the con-job purporting that they are worthy of living in Australia merely because they paid for a passport. Muslims will soon feel the legitimate wrath of honest, decent Australians.

John Howard should just give the word. Australia has the chance to be world-leaders at the forefront of the extermination of the muslims. One day children will ask if muslims were like the Hittites or if muslims had something to do with Mesopotamia or if they were some sort of Aztec or maybe they will ask if muslims lived in Atlantis with the dinosaurs. Muslims will be extinct.

Anonymous said...

Muslims are finished in Australia.

Anonymous said...

Poster #2 is a troll, don't you think? Whether a paranoid Muslim troll or a paranoid White Nationalist troll doesn't matter much - both are violent idiots.

Anonymous said...

Search on youtube and you will see a pig raping a muslim. That should serve as an inspiration for Australia's domestic and foreign policy.

Anonymous said...

Now that the multi-cult is dead and buried, the final solution is to rid our land of the islamic terror.

Apparently the Bali slaughters were not enough. We need Australians slaughtered by muslims on Australian soil, and then we will have action.

wali said...

Sheik Feiz's comments were nutty. The Tim Blair Fan Club members are also nutty. Is there a moral difference between them? Yes, one. Sheik Feiz isn't a coward. He doesn't hide behind a veil on anonymity.

Anonymous said...

I refer to my comments on the previous post. Those who say we should slaughter all Muslims are doing exactly what the extremists and the terrorists want. They WANT to create violence and jihad. Think about it.

Anonymous said...

wali the anonymous islamist fanatic thinks Sheik Feiz isn't a coward. Why then has Sheik Feiz not killed himself in a martyr operation? All muslims are cowards and that is why Israel still exists.

wali said...

Anonymous 6:55 AM

..what a coward that guy is.

Why don't you step up to the plate and link your identity t your genocidal ravings ... coward.

Anonymous said...

Muslims do not need to be violently slaughtered.

Just load them onto a boat like live sheep, and let nature take its course. They will rape then murder each other before the boat reaches another place.

Otherwise, a single military shot to the boat would produce that most silent of cleansing deaths, drowning.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 9:04. I'd be out there on the water in my boat with a few life preservers. Chuck a life preserver into a crowd of drowning muslims so they could all try and get it. Kick a few in the face as they try to climb onto the boat. Throw them a rope and just as they get close to the boat throw them the other end as well. Go full speed through the mass of them seeing how many I can hit. Play Skrewdriver and Fortress really loud while knocking back some grog. A day out on the water can be a patriotic and also fun. 2 of them drowned at Bondi on Monday. Very wet towel heads.

We also need a Minister for Live Muslim Export.

Irfan said...

anon119, how can you possibly agree with anon904 when you both are using the same computer and are likely the same deranged individual who leaves so many anonymous and dangerous messages here?

Thank God for the Federal Police ...

Anonymous said...

Howard has removed "multiculturalism" from the new ministry. He has truly killed off the multi-cult agenda. Perhaps you should call the Federal Police.

Anonymous said...

ROFL @ 12:58 PM

Maybe these Islamist aliens will realise they are not welcome in our country.

Maybe they need a few whacks to the head to get the message, or perhaps an explosion in a mosque of terror.

Either they make plans to leave now, or join the live Muslim sheep export trade, and accept their fate, as intruders on this White European land of Australia.

FedUp said...

Anon @ 8:47, why don't you come out from behind your anonymous identity and show us who you are? That way we can know who to blame if some racial attack does happen against non-White Australians.

Anonymous said...

who do you pretend to be fedup? you could be a london bomber for all we know.