Friday, September 08, 2006

COMMENT: Poor Andrew gets bolted

On Monday September 4 I joined Andrew Bolt for an on-air debate on Channel 9’s Today Show. I was in the Canberra WIN-9 studio while Bolt was presumably in the Melbourne studio.

During our on-air 'debate', Andrew had just been caught out as a possible supporter of radical clerics who oppose stem cell research and want to limit the availability of abortion to women who need it.

He then was forced to effectively contradict the Prime Minister's ringing endorsement of Muslims as 99% integrated.

The Channel 9 Today Show interview of Monday September 4 finished at around 7:20am.

He must have returned to his office desperately trying to google me searching for something.

And this is all he could find.

Contradiction? Not really. My criticism of John Howard is still valid. John Howard hand-picked a Reference Group stacked out with middle-aged migrant Muslim leaders. I didn't. Neither did the 99% he now praises.

As for Costello, notwithstanding his ignorance on what sharia actually means, he's made some insightful comments on the experience of kids in the "twilight zone" and on how converts can be sucked into radical nonsense due to lack of pastoral care by religious leaders.

Now poor Andrew Bolt faces the prospect of having 70% of his column content being rendered irrelevant by the effective combined messages of our pollies. I summarised those messages in my New Matilda column of 6 September as follows:
Ninety-nine per cent of Muslims are perfectly integrated, speak English, adopt Australian values, and treat women as badly as the rest of us do. Converts need pastoral support to understand Islam isn’t violent or terroristic.
Poor Andrew.


Anonymous said...

You don't need to be googled to see that you do not belong in Australia. Just look at your picture.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 219, Irf looks Aboriginal to me. Don't you think indigenous people belong in Australia?

Maybe you should go back to Alabama where you belong.

Anonymous said...

Don't go so hard, Anon @ 312. Let's be honest with ourselves. Anon @ 219 is just an inbred piece of White Trash. Not too much different from the Melbourne's token Dutch columnist.

I'm not sure who's the bigger intellectual prostitute - Carla van Raay or Andrew Bolt?

Anonymous said...

Now, now. We shouldn't defame Carla here!

Anonymous said...

Typical Muslim hatred of white people is all over this site.
Lets wait for Muslims to "kill a lot of whiteys", just like in Bali. Americans or Australians, they are all just white people who do not respect Islam, and must be blown up.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 5:38 AM - if you continue saying idiotic things like that, you will render your brain capacity useless over time. open you head, and know that muslims come if white, black, yellow and all the colours. "whiteys" ... please

Anonymous said...

"just an inbred piece of White Trash".... you read it here yourself.

Tell us that these words do not show a hatred and contempt for white people.

Law Student said...

Anon 10.53.

Lebanese, Pakistanis and every other Muslim has been copping that shit not only everyday on Irf's blog but also outside. On a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

"just an inbred piece of Lebanese, Pakistani and Muslim Trash"

We have never seen anything like this on this blog. The self described shaved pussy "law student" is talking nonsense again.

She can not hide her hatred of the white race behind meaningless platitudes and empty rhetoric. She is a nasty racist. Who know what she is capable of?

This just goes to show that Islam is completely incompatible with Western culture, and now is the time for MUSLIMS OUT!

morganzola said...

Wow - incisive commentary here!

Good article though Irf.