Wednesday, September 27, 2006

PM’s Brethren hypocrisy?

John Howard has taken the extraordinary step of defending members and teachings of the Exclusive Brethren. His comments came following a Four Corners episode on the Brethren.

In supporting the activities of the Brethren, Mr Howard risks being seen as also supporting alleged activities of members of the sect.

These include: social security fraud, assisting members with breaching Family Court orders, not to mention taxation and stamp duty fraud.

Howard has frequently spoken about the alleged inability of Muslim groups to integrate and adopt Australian values. He is now supporting the right of a fringe Christian sect to deliberately not integrate into the broader Australian community.

Would Mr Howard defend a fringe Muslim group which engaged in similar activities? And why has Mr Howard taken a view different to that of the NZ National party leader Dr Brash?

Howard’s inconsistency could well be viewed as hypocrisy.Or is his stand related to the fact that sect leader runs a business in West Ryde, in the PM's electorate?

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Anonymous said...

We need all Christians to stand against the murderous threat to Western culture that is Islam.

Anonymous said...

You're spot on with your comments. That's what I thought too, when I first heard the news on the radio.

Calling for greater integration is fine but when such comments are made only selectively like this, it really does make you wonder what Howard is really on about when he goes blah blah blah about "Australian values". Methinks that by "Australian values" John Howard means "the values that white Australians hold", whatever they may be.

The Brethren are against voting, too.

John Howard is really shameless in his hypocrisy.


Law Student said...

John Howard is an all time two face.

Anonymous said...

The problem with the Exclusive Brethren is that they are not raising their children to use high-tech weapons such as helicopter gunships and M1 tanks to solve the worlds muslim problem.

If they insist on using low tech solutions to the muslim menace such as swords and axes that's all very well. But I am concerned that they are too small in number and that low-tech weapons are too labour intensive. It's all very well to say that low-tech bashing and stabbing of muslims is more fun but it loses out in pure efficiency. Of course they should also have a policy of raping muslims before killing them but I don't think they are big on rape.

Actually I think it's better investing government money in robotics. We need robots who will walk into a mosque and then proceed to rape muslims while they are at prayer and which then say:" I am a 5 second bomb. I am a 4 second bomb". And then which just explode Hahahaha. Other robots can then rush into the mosques and schools and muslim hospitals wearing medical uniforms before they also explode. All of this can be filmed by other robots for an appreciative viewing audience.

Finally other robots can be used to torture muslims for hour after hour day after day where humans would just get bored and shoot the muslim. This is why we need high-tech and thats what is wrong with the Brethren.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Banjo. You'll be in jail next.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:01 AM is insightful as well as truely witty. This ain't no banjo music playing.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 557 PM forgot to take his anti-psychotic drugs. Perhaps he prefers the type sold by persons associated with a former and deceased Manly MP ...

Jess said...

What a disgusting thing!!! I hate hypocritical people!!! I consider hypocrisy the worst trait of the character!!! Though, you know, are among politicians honest people? Show me!!! ha :)