Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Jobs for Big-S in return for BS?

It appears that a certain NSW Upper House member has been offering jobs to otherwise estranged people from his faction prepared to tip him off about the investigations of unfriendly journalists.

Researchers from a prominent current affairs program have been investigating the growing power of the MLC, as well as his involvement in the kind of politics Peter Debnam would probably prefer to sweep under the carpet.

A number of little birdies have reported to me that a former member of this MLC’s faction (known to his friends as “Big [first-name]” and whom I shall refer to as “BS”) has boasted of being offered a parliamentary staffer's job by the MLC.

And the price for this offer of employment? BS is supposed to tip off the MLC about the identities of all sources the current affairs researchers mention. Further, BS is to deliberately plant false and misleading information to divert the researchers away from the MLC and over to internal party enemies.

Among those targeted for “diversion” are a former regional president of (what used to be) the Inner West metropolitan region, a former Federal MP whose old seat was in the deep south of Sydney and a current industrial relations lawyer who occasionally has articles published in Australia and New Zealand newspapers.

Is it true that the MLC has engaged in such activities? Who knows? Certainly BS has repeated the story to at least 3 separate sources, none of whom are known to talk to each other in a civil manner (and hence would hardly be expected to collude and manufacture the story).

Watch this space for more information. I know Peter Debnam will be watching very carefully …

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Anonymous said...

Stephen Cenatiempo!!! now there's a highly reliable source! LOL

i am surprised Big S could be bothered to get off the couch and put down the cheesy poofs for long enough to even do a staffing job

Anonymous said...

What makes you a target Irfan? Are you in the Liberal Party again?

Anonymous said...

Irfan does your name mean 'the enlightened one' in pakistanian?

Law Student said...

I think Peter Debnam should be convicted for criminal offences under the racial provisions of the NSW Crimes Act. His constant use of "middle eastern thugs" immediately followed by "Muslim men" (when half the Arab thug population are Orthodox, Coptics, and Maronites) vilifies a whole religion of people. He has an extremely dangerous, racist agenda and should be locked up.

Anonymous said...

Praise Allah for Peter Debman!

Someone has to do something to stop the Lebanese Christians from Morris Iemmas Electorate coming to The Shire and causing trouble.

Stephen said...

Anonymous, never mind the cheesy poofs, grow some testicles. But hey then you'd have to reveal your own pathetic self.

Irf, as usual, your diatribe emanates from the wrong end of your wretched frame.

A story completely manufactured by yourself. The only collusion going on is between the rival personalities in your demnented twisted brain.

Please don't refer to me in your maniacal rantings in future.

Augustus said...

Amazing Irf. When you were a member of the party you were deliberately kept out of the loop and fed bullshit and mis-information in the knoweledge that you would shout it from the roof tops in an attempt at self-agradisement. Now, you're even further out of the loop and still being fed bullshit and mis-information. AND STILL LAPPING IT UP!!!!!! Oh how I laugh at you. You used to be more amusing. Some would say that you were more rational too when both sides of your brain were in concert.

As far as Davis Clarke is concerened, Nick Korovin is public enemy number 1 and Stephen Cenatiempo is public enemy number 2 or 3. Why would David offer either of them anything given his passion for their anihilation?

Where do you get this crap?