Thursday, March 16, 2006

What the blog!

Well this weekend I’m off to visit a country I affectionately refer to as “Kiwistan”. And the purpose of my trip?

Is it to pay homage to a Labor Party leader with perhaps more balls than our Opposition Leader? Is it to walk around niteclubs wearing an All-Blacks jersey in the hope of picking up Kiwi chix who might confuse me for a NZ rugby player? Or perhaps a relatively more handsome Indian cricketer?

Nope. I’m attending to speak at an International Conference. It will be the first time I travel to attend any conference in my life. Well, apart from that end-of-exam gig put on by the Paramadina University in Jakarta for all the students.

And what a superb gig that was! I’ve never seen so many exceptionally attractive Muslim females in my life. And given the exchange rate differential between Australia and Indonesia, I might have been able to afford marrying and supporting 4 of them!

As for the Blog Hui 2006 conference in Wellington, I probably won’t meet as many nice-looking Muslim sisters. In fact, I have no idea what to expect.

It baffles me as to why they asked me to speak. All the other speakers seem like such complete blog-legends. I am little more than an accidental blogger.

Which is actually the title of my talk – The Accidental Blogger. And what on earth will I rabbit on about for 20 minutes before facing 10 minutes of gruelling questions from blog enthusiasts from across the world? Here’s a summary …

This presentation will examine how blogging can be used as a tool for media and community activism. It examines a number of examples where blogging has been used as a training ground for converting activists into writers with a view to enabling changes in social attitudes toward unpopular and unconventional groups and ideas.

Unpopular and unconventional groups and ideas? You’d think I was running a blog for the NSW Young Liberals!

Actually, I will probably spend a large amount of time crapping on about the New Media and how blogging forms an essential part of this forum for cyber mass debate. I say probably because I still haven’t written the damned paper!

I’d be happy to hear suggestions from people on what I should be writing. Try not to include too many expletives.

Seeya in Wellington!!

© Irfan Yusuf 2006


Pete's Blog said...


I'm surprised at your impishly "mature" attitude to pursuing woman and that you imply you restrict your interest to Muslims. What about the other 98% of Aussies gals?

Anyway given this situation you may wish to say how excessive blogging can limit or curtail ones love life - particularly as blogging often happens at night.

Your counsellor


Anonymous said...

is Osama Bin Liner another speaker at this conference promoting unpopular ideas?

Sounds like a terrorist training camp.

Anonymous said...

who says love must be limited to the night? what about daylight hours. Irfan spends a lot of time in office, and there are plenty of law secretaries around...