Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Some Blokey Terror Suspect

At 5am this morning, I received a call from a morning news program on one of the commercial channels. I was told some things that I cannot quite remember, and then offered a car or some cab charges so I could come to their studio and be interviewed.

I couldn’t quite remember what I had been told or which TV station it was. My brain was filled with antibiotics thanks to an infected index finger.

Readers, try not to laugh or make jokes about where that finger had been. I’ve been hearing it for the last fortnight!.

Then again, I’ve been hearing many things which are quite funny but no laughing matter. I’ve been hearing comparisons between my generation of Aussie Mossies (Australian Muslims) and the rioters in Paris. I’ve been hearing a government minister tell me I need to learn more about an English illegal immigrant and his donkey.

I’ve even been hearing (and reading in Hansard) about a backbencher describing me as a “bomb thrower”. I’m surprised my former Liberal Party factional ally Mrs Bishop didn’t refer me to ASIO herself. Perhaps she realised I was throwing bombs on her behalf against the Liberal left.

But returning to the TV show. The person phoned me and said that they would be filming close to my house. They would be in Lakemba.

I remember the person mentioning something about raids on Muslims. “As you are aware, a whole bunch of Muslims have been raided, and we are covering the story this morning.”

Me? Aware? And me? Living in or near Lakemba?

For some reason, people assume that I know about terrorist acts and anti-terrorist raids. How would I know? Is there a magical grape-vine that runs from Uncle Usama’s cave in northern Pakistan all the way to Ryde? Do I subscribe to a telepathic podcast that tips me off about the next ASIO raid?

And yes, my name does sound a little exotic. No one could ever pronounce my name correctly. Is it “Ear Phone”? Or “Ephraim”? Or “I-Frame”?

(One of my female friends told me her niece started reading text messages I would send to her. When I asked how her niece knew who it was, she said: “I have your name down on my phone as just “If”. Don’t ask me how it’s meant to be said!” And she herself as a surname that leaves stretchmarks on my tongue!)

This morning, I read about a “prominent Islamic cleric” being among those arrested. Some dude from Melbourne called Abu Bakr.

What made Abu Bakr so prominent was that he appeared on the ABC’s 7:30 Report. But the way some of our newspapers and journos are these days, anyone with half a brain and who looks like something out of “Team America” can become a “prominent Islamic cleric”.

Then again, some journos are just so lazy, they will believe anything they hear from someone whose name begins with “Abu”. I should dress up in long robes and call myself Sheik Abu Jahash el-Sumbluq. I’ll set up my base in a place with lots of radical youth (Byron Bay, perhaps?). Then I’ll start talking about 72 virgins (no, definitely not Byron Bay!).

Within days, terror experts with bad English accents from Sri Lanka will be calling for the government to crack down on my “Sumbluqi” terror cell. The names “Abu Jahash” and “Sumbluq” will become synonymous with nasty beards and accents thick enough to make a convenience store worker sound like Wilson Tuckey.

I reckon it will take 5 months before someone realises that “Abu Jahash” simply means “father of donkey” (perhaps Simpson?). And that el-Sumbluq is simply “Some Bloke” pronounced in an Arabic accent.

Couldn’t the journos have figured it out straight away? What about the ASIO agents and police? They’ll probably only begin to suspect when I introduce my chief courtesan from my Byron harem. Her name? Ms Umm Kalb el-Sumsheila!

But returning to Abu Bakr. I thought he was already jailed by the Indonesians? How come he didn’t appear on the latest episode of Usama’s heavenly-jihad podcast? It just shows how prominent the guy is.

So allow me to state a few things for the record about me and all the other Aussie Mossies who make up more than 50% of Australia’s Muslim population. Firstly, we do not subscribe to any terror podcast.

Secondly, we don’t receive instructions from Usama about how to earn 72 heavenly virgins by blowing ourselves up.

Thirdly, many of us don’t live anywhere near Lakemba.

Finally, on a personal note, please stop trying to pronounce my first name! If you can’t say “Irfan”, just call me Sheik Abu-Bakr Usama Ayatollah-Cola el-Sumbluqwholikessumsheila! That should be easier for the flying-carpet-chasing journos.

(An article of similarly scurrilous content appeared here.)


© Irfan Yusuf 2005


Anonymous said...

In an entire episode of Hypotheticals with Geoffrey Robertson the only words of Yusuf that were fit to put to air

IRFAN YUSUF: So what does it mean to say that someone has a Middle Eastern appearance? And of what relevance is that appearance or alleged appearance to whether that person may or may not be a terror suspect?

Someone of Middle Eastern appearance is the sort of person who is stupid and talks like an ape has a back as hairy as an ape and acts as if they were black like an American negroe because anything is better than being Lebanese. BTW notice how Irfan says alleged appearance. What a useless lawyer you are. What a pathetic appearance you made on Hypotheticals. Note I did not need to say alleged appearance. You are a complete waste of space.

Anonymous said...

I noticed in replies to your posts and emails, that there is a compaign by certain individuals and/or group to discourage you from any further writings and from doing anything for the muslims. Don't listen to them and try to find who they are. It is time for all aussies mossies for both 50% to work together and to expose the agent provocateur who have been starting riots both internationaly and locally

Anonymous said...

I would be interested in how you can justify Muslim youths beating up cameramen in the street.

Oh, that's right- Islam is the religion of peace.

And why are Muslim youths burning disabled women in Paris.

Because Islam is the religion of peace.

And if a score of home-grown jihadi are collecting weapons and expolsives for a terrorist attack in Sydney and Melbourne.

Well, silly me, it must be because Islam is the religion of peace.

Anonymous said...

What ignorant arseholes above...

Anonymous said...

Dear Sheik Abu-Bakr Usama Ayatollah-Cola el-Sumbluqwholikessumsheila, ;-)

from this Christian let me say don't let the morons who commented above get you down. Please know most of us here do at least have some intelligence and can distinguish between the majority of Muslims and extremists, unlike that demonstrated by some above. It's a shame we have to share the gene pool with such cretins: esp. commentor 3. The mind boggles that such a person can even operate a computer.


GoateeCat said...

I miss the spammers and their dick pills. These anon bashers aren't even funny

Anonymous said...

I only came back to this site to check that you had finally been locked up.

Hopefully the next raid will get you, or you will be committed to a psychiatric institution.

Anonymous said...

One of those arrested, Melbourne man Abdulla Merhi, 20, is said to have been impatient to carry out Australia's first suicide bombing but was refused permission by the group. Another, a former bit-part actor in a TV drama, Omar Baladjam, 28, was shot in the neck after allegedly firing on Sydney police.

Anonymous said...

you and margo and commie co. have enough egg to attempt the guinness book of records attempt at the largest omelete.

Anonymous said...

"It is time for all aussies mossies for both 50% to work together and to expose the agent provocateur who have been starting riots both internationaly and locally"

Is this the same agent provocateur who caused 911? You arab shitheads are insane dumb-fucks

Anonymous said...

Obviously the more of the Lebs who want to kill themselves the better. If they kill any Australians we should kill their Prime Minister. Wait- The lebs have already killed their own Prime Minister. If they kill any Australians with suicide bombers we should do what the Americans did to Japanese Suicide Bombers. Nuke Baghdad. Beirut. Tehran. Lakemba. Jakarta. Paris. Nuke the Palestinians. We should keep on killing them until they run out of celestial virgins. Every muslim who dies should be buried with a pig. All pregnant muslim women should be raped by pigs. Actually 6 million muslims should be killed the same way 6 million jews were killed.

Anonymous said...

Go back to your own crappy countries you Paki and Leb shit

Anonymous said...

There is not enough action by John Howard to rid our nation of this moslem filth.

Anonymous said...

When you see a dirty paki, throw a table or chair at them, or if you have a weapon, shoot to kill.

Alaric said...

Yes, the anonymous posts are very unhelpful. I unreservedly condemn the illiterate, idiotic drivel that "anonymous" has produced.

However I am alarmed by the racism evident in the post by someone identified as Ian. He is a dangerous racist. His racism is the most evil kind. He's one of these people who can't accept difference. He thinks that all people are the same, it's only silly surface things that make us different. He is so racist he can't accept that some people have a culture that is inherently opposite to his own. This borderline white supremacist, racist, bigot called Ian thinks that underneath it all, these muslims are just like white, liberal democrats - they just have exotic customs that add to his sense of entertainment. Do not be fooled by fundamental racists like Ian who can't tolerate the notion of fundamental differences between cultures. Just because he wants the world to be all white, liberal middle class doesn't mean we have to listen to him.

The problem with the Muslim community is with the way it is reacting to these terrorist raids. You'd think they'd be happy! You'd think they'd congratulate the police and announce how they will work with police to keep this country safe. You'd think they would announce how they are monitoring their own community with positive results! But no! How could we do such a thing- look how evil the police are. How dare we burst into Muslim homes. Why are all the people arrested Muslims? (good question!)Trad, Dourehi all the usual suspects - they object and complain and whinge. The last thing they do is co-operate or congratulate (because they are scared of their community's reaction? Are Muslims so inherently anti-Australian that their leaders fear being associated with the government?)

Notice how this doesn't happen with any other ethnic group? When the police have conducted triad stings, do the Chinese complain? No, they co-operate (sometimes reluctantly out of fear) and they work with the police and this country. The Korean-Australian association past president actually wrote to the government seeking more action to be taken to weed out Korean criminal elements.He actually called for tighter restrictions on Korean immigration!!! Lets see a Muslim do that! This phenomenon of standing by the terrorists (which is what you are doing if you do not condemn them without qualification or reservation) is a uniquely muslim phenomenon which demonstrates a profound problem within the Muslim community and a fundamental cultural difference that cannot be synthesised with our own.

The fact that high profile community leaders and other Muslims can demonstrate sympathy with these people shows that the problem isn't just terrorists, its a community of 300,000 and growing, prepared to excuse, placate, hide, abet, assist, finance, and passively encourage such people.

The Islamic reaction to these recent events will bring a backlash, not the events themselves.

Unfortunately Irfan in addition to wiping his mouth with one of my cultural icons (which you'd think would be one of his if he saw himself as Australian and not "turkish"), being Simpson and his donkey, has decided to be typical. He knows nothing re the recent terror arrests. He has no Why would he know, why would he comment, he's just like every other Aussie. He's not prepared to say that this a good thing and that Muslims should co-operate with the cops - no way. Suddenly though he'll be full of comments protecting Muslims when it suits him. Very clever, but very self serving.

When Muslims actually sound like Aussies for once, they'll get treated like them. You can start by not taking unnecessary swipes at our cultural icons.

Anonymous said...

Great post by Alaric

Anonymous said...

This publicity whore will say anything, like any troll.

Anonymous said...

I demand that all Australian troops in Iraq and Afghanistan be equiped with cameras on their rifles. I want to see more muslims shot and killed on TV. I want to see women in Burqas running along on fire covered in Napalm. Why aren't we commiting attrocities and war crimes against these people? Why aren't we car-bombing mosques in Iraq? And donkey -bombing mosques in Afghanistan?

Anonymous said...

keep up your ranting Irfan, 2:14PM, you won't get the chance once you are locked up.

Anonymous said...

Irfan, fulfil your ambition!

Appear in all your splendour on an episode of 'Home and Away'!

A psychotic whale, beached with his gay mate, after becoming tangled in islamic fishing nets, could easily be written into an episode.

Anonymous said...

get fucked you lebanese cunts you are all homos or you would of been able to defeat israel and america you useless cunts and your women are all ugly no wonder you prefer to fuck camels and goats and each other. Homo Camel fuckers and goat rooters should be sent home

Anonymous said...

One good thing about the Chinese is that they stop all their moslems from breeding.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember the Iraqi Bridge disaster where they thought there might be a suicide bomber in the crowd and they all panicked and crushed each other or fell off the bridge? Hundreds of them died. I would have paid to watch that the arab camel fuckers Ha ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

I thought it was jews who fell into a jewish sewer when a bridge collapsed.

Wonder who designed the bridge? When they all became sick with jewish sewer disease, they sued israel.

Who designed the twin towers in jew york?

Anonymous said...

jews, lebs, pakis, and chinese will all have their backs to the wall, now that the revolution has come.

Anonymous said...

If you get Shia on your arse wipe it with the Koran.

Anonymous said...

Slbeasley shows his true colours:

Terrorists should be jailed here: ALP


OPPOSITION Leader Kim Beazley has rejected a call for dual citizens to be deported if they are convicted of terrorism offences, saying the move would only export the problem.

Amid growing fears of a widening rift between Australian Muslims and the broader community, Mr Beazley also urged politicians to tone down their language after yesterday's counter-terrorism raids in which 17 people were arrested in Sydney and Melbourne.
Tasmanian Liberal backbencher Michael Ferguson yesterday said people who held dual citizenship should be deported if convicted of terrorism offences.

But Mr Beazley said that would only shift the problem elsewhere.

"If somebody has broken Australian laws, that person should be tried in Australia and put in an Australian jail," he said.

"I don't think it makes any sense at all, if you believe somebody has broken the law, to send those people away where they can commit terrorist acts on other people and terrorist acts on Australians overseas."

Mr Beazley urged politicians to choose their words carefully, particularly during the prosecution of the people charged yesterday.

"I think right now there needs to be a deep breath taken by a few people and our language toned to the fact that a criminal justice process is underway and it needs to be completed," he said.

Mr Beazley said Muslims were not being targeted by security agencies.

"Nobody in this community is of any interest to any security authorities because they're a Muslim," he said.

"They are only of interest to security authorities if they are engaging in activities which may be associated with political terrorism. They're two separate things.

"We need, as one of our defences against terrorism in this community, to respect each other, respect each other's beliefs."

Conclusion: Labor Filth, Permanent Opposition.

Anonymous said...

Irfan I want to shove 20 lightbulbs into your anal cavity and then I want to keep kicking you in the arse until they are all broken and you have died from the infection

Anonymous said...

Yes, you couldn't make him any uglier by administering proper natural justice to his face.

Anonymous said...

Yusuf is getting on like a house on fire with his first girlfriend, lesbian Margo Kingston.


She will even defend him from comment about his rubbish on her page.

Two raving lunatics, just made for each other.

Anonymous said...

How exciting. I've been called a racist and someone "who can't accept difference" and who "thinks that all people are the same".

Very interesting conclusions from what I wrote: and completely incorrect. I'd say more, but I doubt you'd comprehend that either.


Anonymous said...

How exciting. I've been called a racist and someone "who can't accept difference" and who "thinks that all people are the same".

Very interesting conclusions from what I wrote: and completely incorrect. I'd say more, but I doubt you'd comprehend that either.


Alaric said...

Please Ian, say more. I've dealt with racists like you before. I'm sure I'll comprehend any concept you present to me. Having understood postgraduate texts on Immunology, arguments about Quantum Physics and even Hindu "theology", I'm sure you won't lose me.

Irfan has attracted a lot of hate. I can understand people's frustrations. I've seen it in today's press. "Why are we picking on Moslems" is the overwhelming reaction. These people don't think like us. People like Ian, the white supremacist, keep advocating that we can communicate with Moslems using the same rationality as we do with each other - we just have to appreciate their viewpoint within that rationality. This is racist nonsense. Not all cultures are the same, especially at a fundamental level. Arab culture is particularly diifferent. To them it is acceptable to have bombs go off every so often. Life is cheap where they come from. Unlike we Anglo-celts, euros, even Asians, their cultural attitude demands that they hide and protect their own no matter what. That's why we see this wall of denial go up everytime there's a criminal incident in their community be it terrorism or gang rape. In Arab culture telling lies is like breathing. Their culture is built upon not saying what you really mean and holding your cards close to your chest. To tell someone what they want to hear without the least bit of sincerity is not only the norm - it's expected! Even buying a pair of oranges in the Middle East is a game of deception-

Oranges 2 riyal each

You do for me 0.5 riyal

No, my wife very sick, she dying I am a poor man, but because you are my friend 1.5 riyal

I pray for you my brother, because you are my brother and your wife so sick I give you 1 riyal.

His wife isn't sick, they hate each other, they don't pray too much either - but they are both trying to screw each other commercially. This is the Middle East. This is the mentality into which Islam was born, and despite it's spread across the globe across many other cultures, this mentality remains at its core.

You know the proverb about the rat and the scorpion? That says it all.

We Anglo-Celts are sick of this. We'll give anyone of any colour, nationality, religion a go. We're very good that way. What a hide these people have to tell us to do things differently because it doesn't suit the way they did things where they came from!

If you plan to make bombs, get ready for the Feds to crash into your house at 2am and confiscate a lot of stuff. Tough luck no matter what church you go to.

Having said that, all this hard core insulting abuse of Irfan is not helpful and should stop. It does not do the cause any good at all. In fact, he can use this as evidence to demonstrate how irrational and red-necked his critics are. These anonymous posters are frustrated, but that cannot and does not excuse your behaviour. What you are doing is unacceptable and wrong. Use your head and be constructive. There are plenty of intelligent counter arguments that can be put. They will be more effective. If you want to abuse Irfan, and you are not part of the cause, then send him a postcard or something. Some of us are trying to act in the public interest here.

See I think this Ian character is dangerous. I'm not going to abuse him. Funny thing is, if I met him and didn't talk politics I'd probably think he was a nice fellow. He may even be misguided by all this leftist rubbish that gets pumped into people's heads. It was rather cowardly of him to not defend himself - maybe he's busy an didn't have time - I won't judge. I'll take him on in an argument, but I won't call him names designed to insult or threaten him or make crude suggestions about light bulbs. I'll call him a racist, because his viewpoints expressed here indicate that he is one.

Anonymous said...

Very powerful post from alaric

"You know the proverb about the rat and the scorpion? That says it all."

No. What is the proverb?

Anonymous said...

Who posted this? Margot Kingston? Guy or a girl? Which is Margot Kingston? Guy or a girl?

Stop mentioning me in your blog. I would only ever fuck you for money and you don't have enough. I would prefer to be fucked in the bottom by a gang of lebs than be touched by you again. Is that clear enough Irfan?. I am sorry but you made me say it.

Anonymous said...


Tell me why you think I'm racist first. Or why I am a white supremacist? Or why I think we are all the same? Quote me on where I have said this, or even implied it.

That is what I'm arguing with you about. Provide evidence I believe any of this, or don't suggest I do.


Anonymous said...

It is completely outrageous that Alaric has called Ian a racist. Ian doesn't deserve to be called a racist. Ian doesn't exhibit any sign of having any of the ANZAC spirit. I doubt he would stick a bayonet in the guts of a moslem or club one to death or pot a few with a 303 like the original ANZACS at Gallipoli or Beersheeba. Not out of hate. But because it's the right thing to do. Like killing cockroaches.

At least you haven't called him an Aussie. I'd say he is probably a cosmopolitan un-Australian left-of-centre asexual race-traitor. Not a racist.

Anonymous said...

The more I read about Yusuf, and from Yusuf, the more I am convinced that he is a dangerous lunatic, who will very soon be locked up, or die.

Anonymous said...

7:42: give me a website forum where I can read material from patriots such as yourself.

Anonymous said...

The measure of a man in my view, has much to do with grace and self control.

Irf has shown himself to be a man in this exchange.

The likes of anonymous and friends however, haven't yet grown pubes. Shame on the parents who raised them.


Anonymous said...

The best thing about the war in Iraq is that the defence lawyers for Saddam are being assassinated.

1)More dead Muslims
2)More dead lawyers
3)More dead friends of Saddam
4)More dead Iraqis

Anonymous said...

Irf is a madman.

saint, you and Irf can go and blow each other up, together.

Anonymous said...

Irf is a madman.

saint, you can go to heaven with Irf and all your fellow virgins, when you blow each other up.

Anonymous said...

The thing that always amazes me is what absolute cowards muslims are.
Out of all the people who believe in sharia and a muslim state only an Aussie - David Hicks - had enough guts to go there with the intention to risk his life.

I wish all the paki leb turk and Yemeni and bosnian cowards in this country would blow themselves up.

I have a theory as to why the Muslims believe in djinni angels walking the earth. It's because they are so pathetic that a half-decent charitable stranger appears divine compared with the normal thieving lying ways in which Muslims conduct themselves.

Are muslims as bad as jews and armenians? In which case we should be talking about genocide. Not as a solution but as the Final Outcome.

Anonymous said...

Stinking rag-head camel fukkers should be nuked. Saddam had the right idea gassing the Kurds. Do all Muslims wherever they are starting with Irfan and his boyfriend.

Anonymous said...

Fucking arabs like this fuck come to the country get educated at a cost ot the country and then spend the rest of their lives fucking over white people and bring over the rest of the village of brown people who can't even speak english and hate all Australians.

Anonymous said...

"I couldn’t quite remember what I had been told or which TV station it was. My brain was filled with antibiotics thanks to an infected index finger."

I doubt antibiotics would cause anyone to have such poor memory retention. Perhaps you are lying about the anti-biotics. As a liar you are well qualified to practice law. If you are not lying you should not be practicing law.

The fat ugly brown performing monkey was too lazy to get out of its cage and too lazy to say anything to the journalists. The fat ugly brown lazy monkey missed its chance to perform in the limelight. Maybe you came to the realisation that you have absolutely no relevance and no worthwhile comment to make. About time.

Anonymous said...

Hey Irf

Do you still bash your mum?

Anonymous said...

Fuckin hankie head sand niggers. Fuck them all especially fat Paki shit.

Anonymous said...

These comments are the best comedy on the net at the moment.

Anonymous said...

ITs about time we got concerned about over-population. Specifically Muslim over-population.

Aaron said...

Irf (el-sumblug),

Liberal Party? That is Terrorism mate.

My recent posts (re Anti-semetism) seem somewhat vindicated by the comments on your site. As both a lawyer(?-What happened to Solicitor/Barrister?) please visit my blog. I am seeking informed comment on my writing.

http://jezreel valley.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Yes, muslims must be deported to somewhere where they can populate and perish together.