Friday, September 09, 2005

Why I Spoke Out

In 1993, I joined Bankstown Young Liberals and the Macquarie University Liberal Club. Early in my political career (I was around 23 at the time), I had placed my lot with the conservatives of the Party.

In 1995, I met David Clarke for the first time. I admired his forthright and straight forward manner. You always knew where you stood with David. I admired his common touch and his good humour. In the dirty game of politics, with so many people so highly strung, it was great to have someone senior who could crack a good joke and enjoy taking the piss out of others and himself.

I still like David, notwithstanding the fact that he has threatened to sue me. I think he has a following in the Party, and he does have some role in the Parliament. And before the London bombings, I saw his somewhat extreme views as relatively harmless.

I read his speeches in which he praised certain extremist religious and nationalist groups. I am aware of allegations that he attended meetings of groups such as the League of Rights. I know of things he has said in the past which, if I were to reveal today, would sink his political career.

But I also know that he said these things in the late 1990’s and during the period leading upto February 2002. I am also aware of things he and his factional allies said about me following that time.

I fell seriously ill in February 2002. A long-standing thyroid problem was finally discovered and diagnosed. This explained the almost constant weight problems as well as my somewhat cynical and morose mood.

Nothing any Young Liberal or Senior Liberal said or did caused me to fall ill. Indeed, I was on top of the world. My practise was expanding. I was basking on the glory of achieving a 5.1% swing in a safe Labor seat. I had everything going for me. Then I fell ill.

I was forced to shut my practise at a time when it was about to expand. I had achieved so many milestones and was ready to reach many more. But one day in mid-February 2002, I collapsed into a heap. No one quite knew what it was. At first, it seemed like a nervous breakdown. Later, when I was tested to see if anti-depressant medication was suitable, it was discovered my thyroid gland was not functioning properly.

It took me some 15 months to recover to a state where I could take up another legal job. In the meantime, my former political friends and allies were subjected to a brutal campaign to force them out of the party. The architects of that campaign were Alex Hawke and his colleagues.

These people also spread malicious rumours about me and the circumstances of my practise being closed. They said that I had been struck off for fraud. Or they said I had dipped my hand into the trust account and misappropriated funds. Or they said I had been found guilty of professional negligence.

All these things were said. My name was mud in the Party. I felt I could not return. I was regarded as too “colourful” (to use David Clarke’s terminology).

Yet the reality was that I had appointed a manager to close down my practise on my own accord and on doctor’s orders. It was a difficult and painful decision which took over 15 months off my legal career and ensured I lost over $100,000 in work-in-progress fees.

I made the painful decision and did the right thing. Yet I was accused of being a cheat and a fraud by persons I had assisted both politically and personally.

The rumours spread about me almost led me to have a subsequent breakdown. But I survived thanks in no part to the inspiration of a former Liberal Party member who had been demonised by the same people. Patrick was a rock on which many of us leaned. When he succumbed to and died from leukaemia, he left behind a legacy of friendship that transcended factional rivalry.

Patrick suffered a nervous breakdown thanks to allegations made by this faction. Had his other illness not taken him over, Patrick may have been able to take anti-depressants. Instead, he found comfort in the company of friends and God. Patrick was a true Christian to the end – compassionate toward all and able to recognise truth and wisdom in all traditions.

Patrick brought people together. Yet he was demonised. He suffered and was driven to a breakdown and near-suicide. Just as I was. Just as John Brogden was.

I never liked John Brogden’s politics. But John is my age, of my generation. Whatever I think of his views on many issues, he has spent the best years of his life working for the Party. When Hawke and others were still in their ideological diapers, Brogden was spending untold hours doing unpaid work for a cause he loved.

John was driven to attempt suicide by these same people who almost drove myself, Patrick and so many others down this road. In my case, I was already down when I was kicked. In John Brogden’s case, he was ready to soar when he was cut down.

In the case of other friends of mine, they have had rumours and skeletons dug out. Some have had their employers phoned and told lies to, resulting in loss of employment. Others have had their marriages threatened.

And the gall of people to accuse John Brogden of being a racist. I can say a lot of things about John. But I can never truthfully accuse him of being a racist. I am yet to meet a small “l” liberal I could describe as a racist. I wish I could say the same for my own former factional colleagues.

It took John at least 6 drinks before he could make a racist joke. Yet his accusers openly espouse racism when sober. They support racist and anti-Semitic groups, attend their functions and support their politics.

I never heard David Clarke condemn Sophie Panopoulos or Bronwyn Bishop for their comments on the cloth my mother occasionally wears on her head. But then, I know that David was always a supporter of Pauline Hanson’s vision.

So why did I speak out? Partly because of an important piece of advice my good friend Charlie Lyn once gave me. He said: “The Liberal Party never rewards loyalty. Take your chances when you can. Don’t rely on others as these people will just as easily stab you in the back.”

I also spoke out because, like so many people, I felt what John Brogden and his family were going through. John’s wife and family are seeing him in a state they are perhaps unaccustomed to. My family saw the same thing, and it still haunts them.

John Brogden was the most prominent victim of these Factional Nazis. Whatever he may have stood for in the past, he was the Liberal Leader. He should have been supported. The vicious nature of the rumour campaign almost drove him to take his own life.

That same rumour campaign made Patrick’s last days miserable. And when news spread of his illness, none of these former factional allies so much as visited him in hospital or attend his funeral.

In short, I speak out for Patrick whose body is 6 feet under the ground in Rookwood but whose soul is (I believe) in a place where all saints go. Patrick never had a chance to clear his name or expose the hypocrisy of his accusers. I hope he is smiling as he watches the right-wing factional circus being exposed.

© Irfan Yusuf 2005


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I hope all is well and manageable with your thyroid problem now. Take care of yourself.

And thank you for sharing so deeply. It seems that the Liberals are in quite a bit of trouble, unfortunately: we need a reasonable opposition here.


Anonymous said...

Well done Irfan

Once again - I agree with every word you have to say.

I would never in my wildest dreams have thought that you would become daily reading for me.

You and all of your former Liberal Party friends should get back into the party and fight off people like Alex Hawke and David Clarke.

While I am a 'small l' liberal and you and I would disagree on a number of things, we at least agree on one thing - decency in politics. What Alex and his compadres are doing just isn't cricket.

Anonymous said...

Irfan you fuck-up. Order a double serving of reality with your next meal of grease and lard. Look deeply at your continuing attempts to reach martyrdom by maximising your own suffering at every opportunity (while even fighting a bullshit gallant battle on behalf of the dead Patrick) and furthermore pretending there is some sort of parallel with John Brogden. Next you'll be strapping some dynamite to your morbidly obese carcass and hoping to die while claiming to somehow help the Palestinians.

John Brogden was Australia's most consumate actor and conman who's main amusement in life was that he kept on getting away with it.

Until some proper journalism reveals the truth it is easy to accept that the only people gossiping about him were the variety of jealous and petty wannabes from the left-wing. I can accept that Brogden got so caught up in the act of being emotional and distraught that in a moment of trying to cause maximum hurt to the person who loved him most he managed to go a bit-over-the-top in his search for victimhood and theatre. It appears amazing how there was a conga line of rescuers. Of course if John Brogden is a successful sociopath then it's only a short pause to finalise the book deals and stack the pre-selection race against Bronwyn Bishop. Thanks for allowing me the chance to chuck in a nice head-fuck conspiracy theory for someone to run with.

Isn't cricket a game where you are supposed to bat for one side only?. So how can any bisexual leftwinger like your previous correspondent know much about what constitutes the game of cricket. I am offended that you have taken a perfectly noble word like 'decency'and then suggested that it has a place in politics. It never has. The only thing decent thing to do in politics is to make the effort to stop politician scum from rising to the top. When they do anything to curtail their full enjoyment of power by way of accident or disaster it is a service to the nation to stand on the sidelines applauding. Which is why it is perfectly acceptable to applaud a cricket LBW. Not to praise the bowler. Just to say 'thank God that arsehole has lost his wicket' and only a few more to go before everyone can go home and do something useful.

Anonymous said...

That last piece of drivel seems to wreak of that intellectual heavyweight KK from all sides.

Irfan, while I doubt we would see eye to eye on many issues, you must keep up this good fight of yours in order to expose these extremists for who they are. All the negative publicity they are attracting at the moment will only hamper our chances of even getting a swing towards us in 2007.

These people need to be exposed and eradicated now. Clarke and Hawke will eventually become victims of their own swords.

And as for Clarke not being a racist, who is he trying to kid? His ugly racism that we've all come to know boiled over last year when he blasted an Asian driver in the city, an event which was widely reported at the time.

Don't be taken aback by Clarke's empty threats to sue you, Irfan. Keep on fighting the good fight.

Anonymous said...

"Women’s groups and progressive forces are getting behind me. Former foes are fast becoming friends"
Actually no they aren't. Surely 'friend' means more than people with a spurious interest in your travails.
"I feel on top of the world"
Only if you have gone manic and are an otherwise attention-seeking arrogant fool.
Check out your mental health when it comes to relationships and Jasminder. A new intense pointless obsession bound to end in heartbreak is an indicator of depression.
"Why did you come to Sydney and work behind a bar?" You met a fucking barmaid. Jesus Christ.
"I am surrounded by attention but feel as lonely as ever." Listen to yourself you nut. Your entire series of rants is just a 5 year old wanting attention.

How fucking depressed are you? Old clinically depressed codgers in nursing homes brighten up considerably when asked about 'the war'. During 'the war' they were part of a community striving for a common purpose doing something important. That is how you sound when you talk about once being a 'factional warrior'. See a shrink and get a decent diet you fucking nutcase. You are seriously fucked up but I am sure you can get to a place you want to be with some actual help. And for God's sake let a shrink read your crap so as to better understand you and before you publish and before you worsen your legal position. You are such a headcase I just want to keep on kicking you in the face until your head is just a red and brown bloody turd. Get some help Irfan you stupid bitch.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of what they say about you I am your friend. If you want we can suck each other off. I have had may boyfriends in the Young Liberals. You are someone special. I want to ejaculate into you.

Jason Soon said...

Keep fighting the good fight, Irfan. What a bunch of cowardly pussies and vulgarians your detractors are.

Anonymous said...


as-salaam alaikum,

Like the rage of Shakespear's Caliban upon seeing his face in the mirror, the abuse that these people are throwing at you is a sign that what you have said is the truth. I hope that you draw strength and confidence from that and not back down in exposing these people.


Anonymous said...

Death to America.

Anonymous said...

1. "So how can any bisexual leftwinger like your previous correspondent know much about what constitutes the game of cricket."


2. Who was Patrick?

3. Is homosexuality related to the functioning of the thyroid?

Osama Bin Laden said...

Very interested I am to read about this Bishop of your Liberal Religion doing my work, while I have the generator running for my dialasis machine.

Steve Edwards said...

Of course John Brogden was a phony, but what does that have to do with Irf?

"See a shrink ...You are such a headcase I just want to keep on kicking you in the face until your head is just a red and brown bloody turd."

Somehow, I'm not convinced that Irfan is the one who needs urgent psychiatric attention around here.

Anonymous said...

Irfan has said over time that there are 200,000, and 300,000, and 400,000 moslems in oz.

Either they are breeding like rabbits, or Irfan is fudging the figures.

Irfan goes to great lengths to rant about his positive association with jews and christians. Does he have any positive stories to tell about homosexuals?

Or do we have 400,000 dangerous religious extremists in oz, who hate homosexuals with a religious zeal?

Anonymous said...

It is my sincere wish for peace and that all Western forces be withdrawn from the Gulf and Muslim countries. And that all muslims be sent back to muslim countries.

Can anyone name a pakistani that has done anything to advance human progress?. I can name some jews and homosexuals of note that have positively benefited the world. Not one Pakistani.

The only peace the middle east has had was:
1) when the Crusader Kingdoms occupied Jerusalem for 170 years
2) when the Mongols occupied Baghdad and killed every living thing and built a pyramid of skulls

Obviously muslims are too crazy and too bloodthirsty to ever bring peace to the Middle East. Witness the recent Iraqi bridge disaster as a guide to how muslims run a civil society.

Join together with me and pray for peace.

Anonymous said...

"Either they are breeding like rabbits, or Irfan is fudging the figures."

Since moslems tend to inbreed with first cousins I would say they are breeding like retarded rabbits with birth defects. Irfan is fudging the figures in the same way he always at least fudges or totally ignores the truth.

vercingetorix said...

Yes, we have a problem here. I suspect that many of us know each other that are offering comment.

I do think Irfan needs some re-education. I do think that he has picked a different side compared to what many of us would have thought in the past. Yes, his use of figures is so creative it could win the Archibald prize. However, he comes across to the big wide world as articulate.

If you want to challenge him I suggest that you do too. All this talk about "turds", "poofters" and other such scatology does not do "our" cause any good at all. What I see here are examples of people who prefer to fight with their fists and not their head.

I believe that Western Christian values need defending in this country. I will do anything to protect them that accords with the Anglo-Celtic way of life. I intend to do it intelligently, in a way that says to the outside world "these Conservatives are worth listening to".

Let's leave the homoerotic fantasies behind and argue cogently and cleverly. If we have a point of view we believe in and that is worth sharing with others, we don't have to resort to name calling- especially in a public forum.

Having said that, I look forward to setting the record straight with some of the stuff on this blog and exposing the propaganda where it should be exposed. The Muslim propaganda machine makes the USA look like an amateur's convention. Some of the ideas expressed here are so small "L" liberal they can only be described as "iberal". I'll deal with them one by one as the need arises.

Anonymous said...

Those of us that were there actuallly know the truth. We watched the evnts unfold and we know what people are really like.

However, such people are less than sympathetic to irf because he engages in creative recollection of the period. The evils of the perpetrators are not being questioned however, the reporting of events is alienating Irf from the friends ne once had.

Association is a big part of politics. Remember this lest you lose all friends who agree that certain people need to be taken out.

Oh, and don't forget that hypocrisy is easily identified and usually turns people away quickly. When some of the "outrageous" comments were being made Irf, you remained silent or even laughed along with them. What has changed? Perhaps only the fact that you are no longer included in events and discussions?

marklatham said...

Strewth,I love honesty.

Anonymous said...

a moslem joining the Liberal Party is one great homoerotic fantasy.

vercingetorix said...

Is Irfan leaving posts on his own blog under the name "Anonymous"?

Isn't the real problem here:

1) Conservatives have been trying for years to be heard in the Liberal party

2) They finally get a voice, but that voice is heavily controlled by a handful of people who believe that the ends justify the means.

3) As a result the rank and file conservatives who are active in promoting conservatism (as opposed to the rank and file who passively espouse it) are alienated from their own cause.

4) The public (who are largely conservative in nature)are blissfully ignorant of all the action behind the scenes.

5) Every man and his dog is now taking advantage of the situation:
i) The "conservatives" in power are espousing what the passive conservatives want to hear, and exploiting that to keep a vice like grip on power to a chosen few (almost like a cult?).
ii) The old lefties are exploiting this to suggest that conservatism operates the way the people in i) above operate.
iii) Irfan, cleverly realising that public ignorance is his best friend, is exploiting the situation to re-write history and create the Irfan faction.

To remedy this, rank and file conservatives need to define what conservatism is, how it is expressed, and above all show some unity of purpose and discipline.

One of the key facets of conservatism is preservation of civic virtue and its institutions. Non-government, non-business civic enterprises are the cornerstone of our culture and need to be defended. The church, the Salvos, the country womens association, PTA's, scout groups and yes even trade unions (in a traditional sense, not the political abominations that feed off workers in this day and age). The problem with many of the views expressed on the Irf blogspot, is that they resist attempts by Australians to protect the Anglo-celtic culture they love and honour. You can't be an Australian conservative and not defend the culture of this nation's foundation. I'll have all of you know that to be a defender of such a culture does not require the individual to be Anglo-celt by blood. I am flank by people from the middle east and asia - who don't look the least bit anglo-celt, but have chosen to adopt, protect and love this countries heritage and culture. It is not an issue about race, it is an issue of culture and way of life. Multiculturalism is an abomination, a social evil, a destructive force of immeasurable detriment. What we need is a cosmopolitan society, where people can be black, brown, even purple; they can have whatever shaped eyes; they can even have only one eyebrow - but they defend and protect a set of clearly defined national values and respect and protect this countries hertiage and the culture of its founding fathers & mothers. I've met my fair share of Hindus and Buddhists who actively stand up to promote the values of our great country. I'd like to especially mention the Sikh community who go out of their way to adopt this countries values and respect and promote the heritage of our land. Some of Irf's comments suggest that Muslims can fit in with the above model by definition. Some of his comments are downright destructive to our culture. That is why it is offensive for him to apply the term conservative to himself. What is he conserving? It sure as hell aint my culture.

vercingetorix said...

My apologies - for some reason what I meant to type as "country's" in the above came out as "countries" each time. It helps if we write our language properly - all part of conserving the heritage.

Haji Shuhada said...

The Liberals are harum. It is time to found a truly Islamic Party, and to work for the creation of an Islamic Emirate in Australia.

Irf, it is time for you to grow a beard and prepare to lead us in the struggle to bring this nation out of chaos and into the House of Islam.

Vercingetorix said...

Haji Shuhada is obviously not a Muslim, you'll have to be more inventive if you want to fool the readers into thinking Irf is attracting extremists with his views.

What am I dealing with here!Is it possible for a conservative to argue rather than insult, abuse or reach into the bag of dirty tricks.

Let's take Irfan on re the issues. A great one to start with is his objections to the term "middle eastern appearance". Classic PC statement, that is not conservative at all. It smacks of the typical idealism of the left. The utopia of ideas! If the state regulates us enough, we'll achieve a perfect democracy, where the immediate pragmatic needs of the people are subjugated to the new "God of Democracy". A practical example to get away from the theory....

Actor James Woods (Once Upon a Time in America) was on a plane, and he witnessed some men of "Middle Eastern Appearance" being suspicious. Certain things they were doing made him very concerned - it was is if they were doing reconnaissance. He reported it to the authorities immediately. They declined to take action on the basis that it would be racial profiling. James Woods, as it turns out, had actually witnessed the 9/11 terrorists doing a training run. Had the authorities not been so PC, they may have discovered part or all of the 9/11 plot. Are the PC supporters willing to tell a young girl, with no arms and burns to 70% of her body, that she suffers so that people of "Middle Eastern Appearance" won't feel uncomfortable at airports? Lets compare that to driving on the roads. Most under 25's are responsible drivers. Yet statistics show that most accidents are caused by under 25's. Because human life, innocent life, is at stake, all under 25's are set very strict guidelines. You can't drive over 70kph, can't drink at all etc. All under 25's are prejudiced, when only an extreme minority are at fault. In the case of terrorists- we are at war, a new kind of war. People are going to have their feelings hurt - but that's bad luck. Ask yourself - if you had the choice of seeing your children burnt with amputated limbs or Irfan self conscious about being a Muslim, which would you pick?

Irfan's comeback is usually some daft argument such as, "but I know lebanese with Green eyes and red hair" or "That's funny the last terrorist video I saw had an Australian in it". OK Irfan. Let's say your daughter (if you had one) was kidnapped by someone identified only as "African". You had only hours to search for the kidnapper who had her hidden in a well left to die. The African was heading for the airport. Would you stop and search / question people at random of all looks and colours? Some africans are white. Some look Indian or even Asian. Crap- if your daughter's life was at stake, you'd do the sensible thing and have the cops focus their attention on every negro they could find! Why, because it matters to you. Well my country, and my people, and my culture - the Anglo-Celtic culture, matters to me and a hell of a lot of other people.

There is more to say with this argument - a lot more. Conservatives are pragmatists not utopians. It's as old as Edmund Burke. Irfan a conservative? His utopia inside his head is a lofty example of sacrificing lives on the altar of Democracy.

Anonymous said...

The people were saying: "Who is John Gault?" What silly people. When really the important question: "Who is that most Liberal and patriotic genius champion who uses the nom de plume Vercingetorix??"

Anonymous said...

"...a moslem joining the Liberal Party is one great homoerotic fantasy.."

I am laughing.

Anonymous said...

brogden running against Bronwyn? you are kidding arent you?!!

J-Bro apparently tried to "harm" himself with a staple gun. LOL.

what a sad fuck. couldnt even get a suicide attempt right

yours truly,

Anonymous said...

Vercingetorix you are the most anally retentive and pedantic poster I have ever seen on the internet. Reading your boorish screed is annoying. Please excuse me for not giving a long-winded account to any other reader. This is a sincere expression of my real distaste for your work to which I cannot give full explanation since even just skimming your essays was yawn-inducing and I could not bear to inflict more of you on myself.

Augustus said...

You've got a lot of Gaul Vercingetorix!!!!!!!!! I must repost some of my anonymous posts under the name Augustus. Here goes;

"Those of us that were there actuallly know the truth. We watched the evnts unfold and we know what people are really like.

However, such people are less than sympathetic to irf because he engages in creative recollection of the period. The evils of the perpetrators are not being questioned however, the reporting of events is alienating Irf from the friends ne once had.

Association is a big part of politics. Remember this lest you lose all friends who agree that certain people need to be taken out.

Oh, and don't forget that hypocrisy is easily identified and usually turns people away quickly. When some of the "outrageous" comments were being made Irf, you remained silent or even laughed along with them. What has changed? Perhaps only the fact that you are no longer included in events and discussions?"

Looking back, that was the only response I made. Oh well. It says what I wanted it too.

As for Irf's reference to Patrick, Pat was a great man. An unsung hero. He will be avenged. I made him that promise and to that end i admire some of Irf's motives.

Oh and Vercingetorix, I am he who knows who you are. Just so you know.


Quo vadis? Wherever Cityrail takes me.

Augustus said...

Doug Darby! Now there's a blast from the past.

Augustus said...

I have two bottles of Parliamentary wine signed by J-Bro the day Bob Carr resigned.

Anybody want to buy them?

vercingetorix said...

Well Augustus and Vercingetorix certainly do know each other well. Interesting choice of Pseudonym given the course of history. Remember, vercingetorix was let down by the undisciplined Gauls around him, otherwise Caesar would be dead!

Yes, Doug we know each other. Thanks for the compliment. I hope Augustus wasn't the anonymous post at 10:16! He's such an intelligent fellow who produces some interesting arguments. It must be someone else (Irfan himself a likely candidate?) I expect that some would find what I said retentive and boring. That is because they have absolutely no understanding of what conservatism is and are little boys who like to call people poofters and talk about pooh and wee etc. They never post an argument because they can't formulate one. That's ok, you just keep posting comments about poofs and turds and I'm sure you'll get all the respect you deserve.

Anonymous said...

augustus: have you attempted to auction these two bottles of wine on ebay?

I doubt you would get even one bid.

Anonymous said...

Doug, son (and the late father, MLA Manly) of Michael,

how do you respond to the suggestions that members of opus dei are "homosexuals who hate their own homosexuality", and muslems who join the Liberal Party are outcasts from their own religion because of their sexual orientation?

Augustus said...

Perhpaps I should open them and have a quiet drink to lament the state of the Liberal Party.

Anonymous said...

"Doug, son (and the late father, MLA Manly) of Michael,

how do you respond to the suggestions that members of opus dei are "homosexuals who hate their own homosexuality", and muslems [sic]who join the Liberal Party are outcasts from their own religion because of their sexual orientation?"

David Clarke is not homosexual. I have noticed that one letter in the DT stated that David Clarke is not a member of Opus Dei. Irfan Yusuf is not a homosexual. Irfan acts as if he seeks to be cast-out from both the Liberal and Muslim fold. As far as I recall Irfan was always a one-man faction. If Irfan was homosexual you would think he could at least build a two-man faction. Apart from these comments please excuse my currently almost complete disinterest in Opus Dei, Catholicism, Homosexuality or Islam. If you want to believe that there are "homosexuals who hate their own homosexuality" feel free to do so if that somehow turns you on, vindicates your own prejudices or amuses you. In an uncertain world where strange things happen I would be less quick to judge or jump to conclusions that are so general and concrete. Though feel free. Undoubtedly there is a satisfaction in contemplating a theory and an even greater temptation to espouse it with certainty and intensity.

I do have a concrete conclusion on one subject relevant to this thread. My current conclusion is that Irfan is an idiot for intentionally trying to rewrite facts so as to put some slant and spin on them.

Anonymous said...

The wit of political pedigree.

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NoTONoEagles said...

Help Mommy, there are Liberals! underneath my bed!!! (No, seriously, that's the name of the book...) Don't believe me? The dang thing's on Amazon, not some hippie-press bullcrap ;) Anyway, thought you might enjoy, pinko ;)

NoTONoEagles said...

Help Mommy, there are Liberals! underneath my bed!!! (No, seriously, that's the name of the book...) Don't believe me? The dang thing's on Amazon, not some hippie-press bullcrap ;) Anyway, thought you might enjoy, pinko ;)