Sunday, March 10, 2013

POLITICS: Danny Nalliah for PM?

Back in October 2006, I found myself in a mass debate with one Pastor Danny Nalliah of the Catch The Fire Ministries. I was extremely thin at the time, while Danny looked like he was rather large. Either that, or the bloke/sheila who runs the website of the organisers got us confused.

I spoke for the allotted length of time on the allotted subject - Terrorism & the Death of Democracy. Danny spoke for much longer and addressed a host of topics generally unrelated to terrorism or democracy. You can find my summary of it here.

Danny has now formed his own political party based in Melbourne, a place I have recently (and the way people drive here, reluctantly) called my home. The local rag here carried a rather nasty profile of Danny's party which you can read here.

When I was on the same podium as him, there was an inkling of his interest in running for public office. He argued that the time had come for the Christian Right to take over the political agenda.

The upcoming election should be an interesting one with Danny representing an ascendant Christian Right. Watch this space.

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