Tuesday, April 27, 2010

VIDEO: Jon Stewart's simple message to the wackos from "Revolution Muslim" ...

I thoroughly agree with the sentiments expressed here.

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South Park Death Threats
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UPDATE I: Maybe Revolution Muslim was inspired by this dude.

UPDATE II: For a proper perspective of the hypocrisy of many of those ranting about the South Park situation, read this classic post on Salon.

UPDATE III: Self-confessed migration fraud, queue-jumper and disgraced former Dutch MP Ayaan Hirsi Magaan weighs into the mass debate.

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DD said...

Maybe it’s good that there is strong opposition to any depiction of Muhammad (pbuh) otherwise, if no one did anything, everyone would be given free rein to do whatever they liked with Muhammad’s (pbuh) image as they do now with Jesus’ (pbuh). But maybe the death threat is going a bit overboard…

Helen said...

*I noticed Apple has banned a cartoon criticising Christian fundamentalists, but that hasn't caused an outcry amongst the same people that think not publishing silly unfunny cartoons is a denial of Free Speech™ !
*Good to see your spot-on article in the AGE today. Hope there are more.

Anonymous said...

Freedom of speech doesnt have limits. lf you dont like being criticised or if you dont like your religion being criticised - move to Saudi Arabia.
Here in the West we allow criticism generally and more specifically we even allow critcism of religious leaders shock horror. The humorous spin of your article in The Age doesnt change anything - you know anyone who critices lslam can be killed. Many who have criticised lslam have been killed and many more will be killed. This is lslam in action. Go ahead and joke.

Anonymous said...

You guys see things with one eye, need to get your facts straight, over a cartoon this happens? i wonder why when worse is being done to Muslims daily, take see for yourself the facts about revolution muslim: