Wednesday, January 14, 2009

NEWS/VIDEO: More on Gaza, white phosphorus, media, war crimes etc

If you thought the situation with Western journalists being denied access to Gaza is bad, consider this. Israeli media have been denied access to Gaza for some 2 years, the army saying it is for their own safety. The result is that Israeli journalists have been reporting only one side of the war. The head of Israel’s Channel 10 news section claims that reportage must reflect national consensus. He claims that for the first time, there is a consensus in Israel about the reasons for this war. Israeli correspondents report from outside Gaza, and cannot confirm or corroborate army and government claims about the war.

The army blockade hasn't stopped some 300 Palestinian journalists from working inside Gaza, many for overseas newspapers.

Justice Richard Goldstone, former UN War Crimes prosecutor and justice of the South African Constitutional Court supports calls for an independent inquiry into the conduct of both Israel and HAMAS during the present conflict. He also says that the use of white phosphorus is clearly in breach of the international laws of war. Israeli rockets leave a trail of highly corrosive gas upto 800 metres long which cannot be controlled in such a way as to keep it outside the path of civilians. He further says that Israel does have the right to defend itself against HAMAS rockets.

Speaking of white phosphorus, here is a video from Al Jazeera together with the text accompanying the video:

Allegations of the use of white phosphorus have been made against Israel in their attack on the Gaza Strip and firework-like explosions during the offensive like those made when using the chemical have been widely seen. Al Jazeeras Jacky Rowland spoke with Marc Garlasco, a weapons expert, on the border with Gaza about the viability of these claims.

Finally, Israeli Arab parties have been disqualified from running in the next Israeli elections.

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Anonymous said...
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David M Jacobs said...

The head of Israel’s Channel 10 news section claims that reportage must reflect national consensus.

I'm not sure whether I find this absurd or alarming. Call me an anarchist, but surely, it's the job of news media to inform the opinions of the general public, not merely parrot their fact-starved ignorance back at them?

Yeah, I know, I have strange ideas about the media...

Darrin said... - looks like your brethen have been doing the same.

Irf said...

Darrin, I am about as Palestinian as you are African-American.