Friday, November 07, 2008

VIDEO: Why Obama allegedly cannot be trusted ...

... his outlook, his reliability, his er where his loyalties lie would be in question.

What? Because his middle name is Hussein? Because his dad and step-father were Muslims? Because he went to school in Jakarta? Because he wore a sarong in Indonesia, just like thousands of Australian tourists do when they visit that country?


UPDATE I: Here's what Gideon Rachman, chief foreign affairs columnist for the Financial Times, has to say about such claims:

Meanwhile, Daniel Pipes is striving mightily to suggest that Obama is the Islamic equivalent of the Manchurian candidate - a secret Muslim with longstanding ties to radical Islam. It’s incredible - really - that 18 months of campaigning haven’t brought this out, so far. Here is Pipes’s article. If you can’t face reading it, it could be summarised by the slogan chanted at Palin rallies - “Vote McCain, not Hussein.”

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Anonymous said...

Mr Pipes is a sad and pathetic figure. His latest smear is trying to pin Obama with an association to Sirhan Sirhan via a book William Ayers dedicated to Sirhan Sirhan. Pathetic.