Friday, November 28, 2008

VIDEO: Focussing on India's politics and economy on the Mumbai coast ...

Riz Khan of al-Jazeera interviews a young Indian MP and a not-so-young social activist in Mumbai on November 25, not long before the Mumbai attacks.

Here is the al-Jazeera blurb that accompanies the video ...

Riz Khan continues our coverage from Mumbai. In this show we look at the growing divide between rich and poor in India.

India has the fastest growing number of millionaires in the world and also has than 700 million people living on less than two dollars a day many of whom reside in slums or shanty towns.

Some accuse greedy developers of refusing to build low-cost housing, because there is much money to be made off the real estate.

Others fault the politicians for letting things get out of hand by refusing to change the status quo.

Still others blame the poor themselves. They claim that the poor have a fatalistic attitude and believe it is their destiny to live in squalor.

In this program Riz speaks with Milind Deora, Member of Parliament, and Gerson Da Cunha, a member of the Action for Good Governance and Networking in India which aims to increase government transparency and raise awareness of people's rights.

Riz asks, what can be done to reduce the gap between the rich and poor in India's Cities?
It makes really interesting viewing. The interviewees provide a really useful background about the Indian economy, social and political situation.

This video is in 2 parts.

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