Thursday, November 27, 2008

INDIA: Mayhem in Mumbai ...

To get a sense of what is happening in Mumbai, listen to this interview from Radio National with Australian Bernard Carpenter. Mr Carpenter said he first heard something was wrong when he heard about shooting in a popular restaurant near where he was staying. He visited the restaurant soon afterwards and found blood everywhere. Around 9 sites have been taken over, including the domestic airport and 2 hospitals (where many victims were being treated). Also targetted were a number of luxury hotels and a large and busy railway station. British and American passport holders were being held hostage. Gunmen were stopping tourists and asking for their passports and/or demanding they disclose their nationality.

Perhaps the most chilling words in all this was Mr Carpenter's reason for not leaving his hotel room.

I look as American and English as I do Australian.
Mr Carpenter didn't want to speculate who was behind this. Mumbai was a city of many different ethnic and religious groups, a city of some 90 million people.

In terms of international TV coverage, I'd recommend al-Jazeera English. I've been watching it on and off throughout the day.

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Anonymous said...

Irfan, you are going to have to work out which world you are in. Carpenter might have looked as American or English or Australian, or Swedish, or Mexican as anyone, but he was a human being. Just as you are. Murderers in the name of Islam, are murderers. Is there something you are missing in the modern world? Sorry, but you will have to give up your cheap shots about people who might question your faith. They might be promoting grotesque caricatures, but you'd have to say it's hard to do otherwise. This is serious. Stop pretending that there's some ventriloquist at work. These are people of your faith. A so-called religion of peace. I respect you for your adherence, but there's something wrong and sensible people like you have to say so.

Irf said...

Anon, I live in a planet where people with guts have the guts to say who and what they are openly, not hide behind anonymity. I have no idea which world you belong to.

What shocked me about Mr Carpenter's words was the sheer brutality and ignorance he was faced with. Here were extremists rounding up people based on their deemed nationality. You are right by saying that he could easily have been Mexican or even Lebanese.

You say these people are of my faith. My guess is that most of them would disagree with you. These kind of people regard me as just as much an infidel as they migght regard you.

In fact, your reasoning in this regard is just as imbecilic as theirs. You deem them to be of the same kind as me just because they call themselves the "Deccan Mujahideen". In what sense are they like me? Is it because my background is Indian? Is it because I have distant relatives who are Hyderabadi? Or are you lumping me together with a bunch of wackos who, in the name of Islam, murder more Muslims than they do non-Muslims?

Anonymous said...
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